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  1. elguapo

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    I can go fifty bucks.
    Tell me how to do this, since I dont have paypal.
  2. Give Jones a PM, or set up a Pay Pal account. I have pay pal so that's not an issue with me. I didn't even think about that.

  3. I would like to kick in but gave up my Pay Pal account when I had problems with it buying and selling on ebay. Any chance of mailing in a check for the donation ?
  4. I'll post some stuff for sale, if anything sells the funds, minus shipping, can go to HPFF.
  5. For upgrades to the forum, dedicated server, new chatroom software, maybe even your own [email protected] e-mail address.
  6. NICE!!!! I remember someone giving that sugestion................. hummmmm

    lol Im down. Set this thing up. Maybe we could find some cheap titaninum key chains or something for the supporters lol lol (just for you Primal)
  7. Hell...I got a a 20 or 50 to spend
  8. DrpChvy

    DrpChvy Member

    titanium key chains hmmm i might be interested.
  9. Ok... I see how this is gonna go. Stryker1, when I get to Colorado this weekend, your arse is MINE!!!!!!!! You can run dude, but you're just gonna die tired.
  10. Good luck Bro I have my body guard here and yours is thousands of miles away............ Shes going to beat you like a redheaded step kid!!!!!! lol ( sorry for the off topic post)

    Titanium lol lol
  11. elguapo

    elguapo Guest

    I guess for the rest of us who dont have paypal, A money order would be the next best bet.
    Contact Jones on that.
  12. HPHooked

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    Hey Primal,

    Cool your jets or you'll melt all of your titanium firing pins. :lol: :lol:

    Great idea though. Is Jones the main contact for this?
  14. Let's get back to donating to the Forum ok guys?

    If any of you guys don't have Pay Pal and would like to donate, shoot Jones a PM and get his address so you can send a money order or a check etc.
  15. lol thanks primal... Ill get a estimated "goal' if thats what you want.

    So far our grand paypal total is......drum roll please!.....


  16. Strangerous

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    Just to confirm: [email protected]? Just making sure we haven't been hacked by Glock or something.
  17. elguapo

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    Hey....its in the mail! ;)