Don't be a hero, call an ambulance

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  1. Was walking down the street to my local cigar shop, when I decided to take a pit stop at the local Chinese place ($4.25 gets you an entree, fried rice, and an eggroll). Walking out, I continue on my way when I see flashing lights. I'm about to continue on my way when I recognize three things:

    1) The car's in the middle of the highway
    2)No fire department units are on scene
    3) No evidence of an accident

    Walk over, see a 3 year old kid lying in the road, mom's crying and freaking out, cop's are standing around with an "oh poop" look on their faces. Flash the badge, get down to business.

    Turns out mom was trying to drive the kid to the hospital when everything went south. He'll make it, but moral of the story: CALL 911. It's what it's there for. We appreciate you not wanting to bother us, but that's what we're there for.

    No good deed goes unpunished (or in this case rewarded): After the ambulance showed up (along with several other units) and took him to the hospital, I went on my way to the cigar shop, cops in there... buys me a cigar and I get free beer the rest of the afternoon. :).
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    911 is there for a purpose. Its to get help coming while you stop the bleedin' and keep em' breathin'


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    As a former dispatcher, and "Certified E911 Telecommunications Specialist"... 911 is a joke (for police anyways). Seriously. The way that ALL agencies are short of officers, call volumes rising, and rookies out there on their own (calls for service take longer to complete due to learning curve), and stupid civilians who pull out in front of officers whom are running LIGHTS and SIRENS... Handle your own business, and then call... (for police anyways)

    EMS is understaffed also... better hope that 2 people who live in close proximity of each other don't need help at the same time... 45 minute wait because his local help was transporting someone 1 mile away from him, he was "10-7" before the call was made, but still... 45 minutes...
  4. amen to that. basic CPR training. Do not go beyond your level of training, and after initial scene size up you SUMMON ADVANCED MEDICAL PERSONNEL IF REQUIRED.
  5. I live out in a rural area and when my sister in law collapsed a couple of months ago it was 25 minutes before the ambulance arrived and by then it was too late.

    I wish my brother had had the presence of mind to throw her in the truck and call 911 on the way into town and meet somewhere or something.
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    I live closer to the hospital than most, less than a mile away. The nearest ambulance dispatch center is on the other side of town. I can make it to the hospital a heck of a lot quicker than an ambulance could even get to my home.

    Heck I was out at my fathers house about a year ago and being a moron managed to drive my pocket knife about 2 inches into my wrist. We were at the hospital quicker than an ambulance could make it.

    I completely agree that an ambulance is well equipped these days and able to do a lot of good once on scene. However in every instance so far I have been able to get to the hospital a lot quicker than an ambulance could even get on scene.

    In one event a friend of the family's 4 year old had his face just about bitten off by a dog. We called 911 and told them we are heading their direction(towards the hospital) and would have our emergency flashers on and if we seen them on the way in we would stop and meet them.

    My mother arrived at the hospital with her friend and son just as the ambulance was pulling out. The only reason they know it was their ambulance is the EMT seen the kids face and asked them real quick if they were the ones that called.
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    I agree: Basic CPR is better than nothing.
  8. Wish I'd had my trauma bag with me... but sad to say all the training in the world isn't worth a whole lot when all you have is your two hands.