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  1. septimius

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    Ok.. I probably got jipped but...

    been itching to get a .22 pistol for some fun shootin...

    Had my eye on the walther p22 at the gun store in town all winter.. it was priced around 340... figured if it was still there when the weather turned i would try to buy it... went in last week and they still had it,, but... it along with almost all the other guns had their prices jacked way up.. its now sellin for 430... sigh..


    saw this Lorcin l22 chrome finished .22 pistol at the pawn shop.. it was in the display case all by itself lookin pretty and lonely lol... had a price tag of 100... went back a few days later.. still there... so I bought it after offering 80...

    yes.. i bought this thing.. new in box... hopefully wll have a pic of it soon... my camera, even though the flash went off.. is producing dark images...

    so... any thoughts on this gun? its just going to be for fun plinking and for my girls who might have an easier time handling this pistol than the C9 or the 380...

  2. Uraijit

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    WOAH! Did that P22 come with both barrels and the laser? If not, that's nutso! I got mine at sportsman's warehouse (3" barrel) for $219.


    No experience with Lorcins though. Hope it's a good gun for you.

  3. If it shoots well and works, no. If not, yes. *shrug*. For the cost of a family of 4 eating at a mid-level restaurant, can't argue with the price.
  4. i hear of Lorcin l22, never shot one myself. most ppl who own it like it but it doesn't seem to last lone. the body was make very thin frame so after few hundreds round it will crack. also here you can ask gun smite to "cute" on the frame to "release" stress and that will make the frame last longer.

    most ppl mention it's fun little shooter when it still work. so have fun with it don't think of it too much. after all, it's only 80 buck. ^__^
  5. septimius

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    wel.. here is a pic.. a lousy one at that.. dangit.. gonna have to get a new camera instead of gun lol..cant live without a digi camera..


    um.. now on to the scary part... when you say the "frame will crack" will i still have my hand if it does that!!?? lol
  6. Usually my understanding is frame cracks aren't catastrophic failures; usually it's more of an inch long crack, bordering on hairline. Still messes the gun up, but it's not like it explodes in your hand. Wouldn't hurt to wear shooting gloves though...
  7. Uraijit

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    Yeah, sounds more like a stress fracture issue. If relief cuts in the frame will take care of the problem, then it's probably going to start causing different problems, long before it gets to the point of a catastrophic failure.
  8. that's what i hear. and don't be scare too much, i don't think any body lost any finger or hand. some even mention it still shootable after crack. but i highly recommend against it. have one shoot it for fun if it truly don't last. save a little more (let say around 250) and get a Beretta Neos or S&W 22a.
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    at least its pretty.
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    Thats a pretty cool looking pistol! I hope it works out for you.
    If you ever end up getting rid of your pistol for some reason and want another affordable .22, the taurus pt-22 can be bought for around $180 new. I read that some people have had trouble with them feeding the cheap bulk .22's, but mine shoots everything.
    The only other good cheap .22 that I can think of other than the pt-22 is the Heritage SA revolver which run from $140 to $200.
  11. I had a Lorcin in 380 and it worked good . I had no problems with it .
  12. I hear they blow up, fire the slide through your nose and out the other side of your skull, which then spreads depleted uranium and unobtainium everywhere, killing everything within a 5 mile radius for 100,000 years.

    Or maybe that was Hi-Points........ ;)

    From what I hear Lorcin's are functional little pistols but nothing you'd want to stake your life on, and this is from someone who collects them.
  13. The Lorcin .22lr pistols were actually pretty reliable, much better than the .380 and 9mm pistols Lorcin made. Accuracy is not that great but you should be able to keep all hits in COM out to about 12-15 yards with no problems.

    I would not use Stingers, Velocitors, Yellow Jackets, Vipers or Aguila Hyper Velocity ammo because these rounds will shorten the life of the frame. Stick with regular High Velocity .22lr ammo like CCI Mini Mags or bulk packs like Federal or Remington and you should be fine.
  14. septimius

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    fired it last weekend... it did ok i suppose.. it shot the bullet lol..

    but it did have FTF and FTE issues every second round or so.... we'll see how it goes the more i fire it...

    but for 80 bucks brand new in box... its a neat little gun... has a bigger pop noise than the 22 rifle! lol

    i just fed it the standard 22 from the wally world 550 count bulk box...

    I just got done looking it over tonite and didnt see anything as for wear and tear... but then again.. maybe only around 25 rounds went through it last weekend...
  15. The FTF's could have been the bulk pack ammo. There are a few duds in them from time to time. It is a pretty pistol tho.
  16. gunnut

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    My uncle has religiously used his to kill ground hogs out to 30'. He loves it, other than that I have no prior experience. If nothing else shoot it til it breaks and sell it as a parts gun, use some of the money to buy another one.
  17. I have a Lorcin 380 personally. while it has the same reputation "tarnished" as Hi point (cheap, poorly made, Saturday night special, crawling out of te nightstand in the middle of the night and killing you in your sleep) I have found that, also like Hi point, that reputation is undeserved. while not exactly as accurate as my hi point I can still make the cans fall over at 15- 18 yards with it. I haven't ever fired an L22, so I can't testify on them personally, but if I saw one, after owning teh L380, i'd buy it. I say you done good
  18. Next time try minimags. Thats what I use in my pocket 22's and they work MUCH better than other brands.
  19. Keep trying different brands/types of ammo, some brands will work better than others. +1 on trying the CCI Mini Mags, they will often work when other brands cause problems.
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    aside from minimags, the federal bulk ammo does well in my pocket .22(wilkinson sherry), which is very picky with ammo. for $80 I would definitely have bought it too...I think the relief cuts were for the Phoenix arms hp22 and not the lorcin.