Don't obey a court orders?

Discussion in '2nd Amendment' started by perotter, Apr 18, 2014.

  1. Now the anti-constitutionalists(Everytown for Gun Safety) are petitioning the Orange county sheriff to NOT obey the court order that cc permits need to be 'shall issue' in CA.

    Just a few day's ago they were saying that they only wanted background checks. Didn't take long for them to show that they just want to help the authoritarians put the jackboots to peoples throat.
  2. madchad

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    I don't obey court orders. First off, she loves me and I cain't make woopie from 300' away. Mostly though, I don't obey them court orders because NOBODY TELLS ME WHAT TO DO! Least of all some doooooooooooood in a dress up on a podium where everybody can see his shame. Eff that guy.

  3. Back2School

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    of course, you gotta keep the CCW for the rich white guys only.

    You know like this group says the NRA does. Hypocrites.
  4. monsterdawg

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    I don't get it.

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  5. Back2School

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    It was a comment about how liberals want to take guns away from everyone, except the rich white guys ( you know, the elites).

    Bloomberg's group is a bunch of liberal hypocrites. They blame the NRA saying the NRA excludes minorities but historically may issue states are the ones that deny minorities their CCW's the most
  6. Ranger-6

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    Even Moses knew he had to bring the mob under control. Laws were made by the heathen, for the heathen. The civilized need no law to live in peace with one another. The more laws passed, the more savage heathens become, and the more heathen civilizations become.
  7. Etechonline2002

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    I live and work in oc ca. I always have a weapon with me and no one ever knows I have it. I think more ccws need to be issued.

    I'm getting my open carry for work. I'm glad they are not attacking that yet

    If they out law weapons ill still have the so in reality they are doing.

  8. Stogies

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    Moms demand action is a group that, well, is exactly what the name says. They don't want to talk, debate or exchange ideas. They just want action taken against guns.
  9. But they are unwilling to do it themselves. So all them can do is ask others(the men?) to do something. The whole group of them live in the past.
  10. I'll be a little more honest than I should be, but I normally sort of glass over your posts, but this one kind of piqued my interest.
    Namely: what?
    Humans by nature are uncivilized, simply trying to control the chaos. The civilized create law to put a system in place to punish the uncivilized that act against them. The civilized need the rule of law more than any other, otherwise they stand without recourse short of becoming savage themselves. :p
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    I wonder if he knows what he described is actually perfect communism...Marx style.:rolleyes:
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    As I recall the Laws of the Ten Commandments were given to the Israelites by God. Moses was the delivery guy.
  13. SteveC

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    Be sure and tell that to the judge. Let us know how it works out.