Don't you hate it when....

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    So, me and my girl were out running errands, and we stopped into the convience store next to the house so pick up a few things. The clerk is a young guy who's a gun nut as well, and my girl was telling him about her new rifle (her first one). Between the gun and the cheap ammo, we're both kinda stoked on the bargain.

    THEN he starts in with the one arguement that I HATE....

    "Dude, you guys got SO ripped off! My uncle can get me that stuff for..."

    Why do schmucks insist on bragging about how their cousin's sister's roommate's dad can always get them a better deal than you do on a gun? Seriously!?!?! When it's a car, a watch or other such item, you usually find the blowhards bragging about how much MORE they spent on it. But, it seems like they have to insist they're smarter because they claim to know how to get the cheap stuff.

    I asked him "So, give me this hook up!". Of course he goes on saying that he probably can't since I'm not family and what not. Then he keeps going off about how he got his M1 for SUCH a steal at 500 bucks, and then about his AK underfolder. He just didn't get the point! I just walked out and started the car...

    And, you don't even have to tell some of these guys the price, and they'll always insist that you should've talked to them first and that you got ripped off.

    Any of you guys deal with tools like this? It really put my girl in a bad mood, and irked me. Would've slugged the guy if I didn't have to actually be nice to people around here. It really shouldn't get to me like this, but geez.... how much of a tool can you be?
  2. People like to brag. I'm guilty of it too. When I do, I try to do it a bit more tactfully. I tend not to bring it up unless its something I can share. I got my NIB GLOCK 27 for $425 due to the firefighter discount, but if someone tells me they got one for $475 (still below average retail), I'll congratulate them on the find and keep my own mouth shut. I'd only speak up if they were stoked about paying $700 for one and me perhaps saying "Not bad... I might check next time you're looking to buy a gun, they sometimes can get 'em a bit cheaper (usually around 500 give or take 50 bucks depending on the model), but congratulations on getting a great gun!".

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    Jealousy, penis envy, immature, shortmans complex, insecurity......etc etc etc.

    Pick one, and thats the reason why. Good thing, calling him out on the wonderful connection. Thats one surefire way of culling the herd of BS artists.

    He prolly was mad, cause you had a nice trip, and he was stuck there at work.
  4. There's always someone out there who got a better deal on a better item, whether they think so or not. You have two choices, call them on it and see if it's true, or just play it off with the optional patronizing sarcastic remark "oook" to let them know you think they are full of it.I tend to call them on it, and when they start back peddling, I ride it out and keep bugging them. If nothing else then perhaps they will keep their mouths shut the next time.
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    I like to say, well I'll let you make a quick $40 on that purchase my selling it to me for $(+40 what they said they paid), since it was so dang easy to get it at a steal.... nobody has taken me up on it yet.
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    If they can get them so cheap, Why don't they have them?
    I know I have them, then I'd sell them.....Money is good....
    I don't know anyone that doesn't like money.
  7. It's like sex. If ya got it recently you tell your friends you get it all the time. If they haven't had it in awhile, they'll tell everyone "not since last year!" :lol:
  8. Come on, Neo!!!!!!!!!! As talented as you are with the word, your background and experience, and you can't handle a tool behind the convenience store counter?????? I half expected to read how you extracted the man's brain and fed it to him while paying for your cigs and twinkie's! And you my favorite liberal stalwart, resorting to physical violence like any of us garden variety conservative-haters-of-all-mankind....... crikey, what's the world coming to!

    Get back in there man - make us proud!!! :evil: :evil: :lol: :lol:
  9. He sounds like a dumb ass.
  10. :lol:

    I like the editing software. Let's see what it does to these words.


    Evidently "damn" is not that bad of a word.
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    Hey it's been a long weekend :roll: :p

    Besides, I gotta save up my conservative-hating for the week. Can't blow it all on Sunday
  12. Good pernt! I love a guy who plans ahead :lol:
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    Yeah he sounds like a hardcore badarse.
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    Neo, I think I know that guy at the store!
    His name is Richard Edward.
    AKA Dick Ed.
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    I hear ya. When I run into these types I usually just tune them out and make a mental note to avoid conversing with them in the future. My buddies and I discuss prices of stuff, but usually in the context of how to share the great deals with each other.
  16. I like getting a good deal as much as the next guy, but ya know, when I get a really good deal on something, I know enough to count myself as either blessed or lucky.There are plenty of people out there who don't know that they are either.

    When people start telling me about their arcane deal-finding, I usually just play music in my head or something and nod as though I'm listening, and then when I see they're done talking I finish them them off with, "Hmm, how about that?"

    It usually leaves them terribly unsatisfied because what they are looking for is homage.
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    I think we all know a coupe of those 'Know it all types".
    Even on this forum.
    They can ruin a perfectly good thread just by showing up and adding their ridiculous, non value added, comments.
    Sometimes it is almost worth the entertainment value to see what these poor pathetic clowns post.
    Kinda makes you appreciate your own life a little more, don't it.
  18. Short answer: yes.

    A somewhat similar situation: I'm in a class this week, and we have a front-row moron who asks a question every three minutes. The nature of the questions indicate that he's not seeking knowledge; he's trying to show off his mastery of the materials, based on fine differences of interpretation.


  19. Wow unclerob, why not tell us how you really feel ;)
  20. oh crap, I think I am that guy a little bit... except mine's usually with car parts and my argument is that it's tons cheaper if you buy your own parts and do it yourself, which I thought was general knowledge but I guess not, at least not for todays youth, which amazingly seem to lack all common sense