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    My favorite out of my current "collection" is my little black rifle. This is my first AR, and was chosen based on both expense, and recomendation of others. I dont know how it stakcs up to a Bushy, or Colt, or Rock River, but so far it has been a great rifle. I now have about 1k rounds through it, with zero failures. It has nice grouping at 100 yards, and will take a crab apple out of the tree at about 50 yards every time :lol:

  2. I looked at a couple DPMS AR's the other day. I was imressed with them more than the bushy's I looked at. No "slop" betweem recievers chrome lined barrel alot of really nice features!!!

    If you have 1K through it and 0 failures I would say it is GTG!!!! The Colt I have for work (US ARMY) I think is a pile of crap!!! And it is nearly new. Lots of slop and FTE all the time despite changing parts.

    Sounds like you did good!!!1


  3. Looks great man. You good a good weapon there.
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    Nice AR. I need to get my pics back up.
  5. Beautiful AR you got there dude.... An AR is really high up on my list right now, once I get all my reloading gear set up and going.
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    When I went "shopping" for an ar I held pretty much every ar I could find, and really didnt notice any difference in any of them. Sure, some have more, or different, options but basically they all seemed the same as far as fit and finish. Once you get into them to, you find that alot of different brands use parts from the same manufacturers anyway.

    I have read about some ar's having "slop" where the upper and lower doesnt fit good, but mine fits tight as can be. Like I said earlier though, I cant personally compare it to other brands as this is the first one I have owned. For all I know I may have been happier with a bushmaster for a little more money, but I dont feel like I got ripped by any means for what I payed.

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    Thanks for the compliments guys. It doesnt have all the lights, lasers, scopes, and grill cheese maker that eveyone else's ar seems to have these days, but I like it. I am debating on changing to a flat top upper because I dont care for the carry handle mounted scopes too much, but cant decide if I want to do that or just build a complete flat top rifle and keep the a1 uppered rifle for shooting with peep sights. So many choices, so little cash that I can hide from the wife :lol:
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    I would recommend just buying a new complete A3/4 upper so you can play with optics if you want. 2 guns for the price of...umm...1 1/2! :lol: One light, easy to wield HD type weapon and another heavier, longer range use system. Gotta love modularity.
  9. THAT is one coooooool looking tool! Someday........
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    That's my plan, anyway.
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    Welcome to the black rifle club.
    Armalite M-15A4