Dr. Ben Carson is running for 2016

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Think1st, May 3, 2015.

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    Well, as much support as he has from true conservatives, It will certainly undermine their narrative. I'm sure that many will call him a sellout or a token. In their minds, only those kinds of black candidates appeal to conservatives. The Left's arguments hold no water.

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    He's pretty weak on the 2A stuff, so not a fan of the idea of him being POTUS.

    That being said... If the Republicans nominate a BLT sandwich to run against whatever creep the dems nominate, I'm voting BLT.
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    I don't know..... His speech at the NRA convention seemed pretty clear... And pretty solid.
  6. Hey, if he's the one that can defeat Hillarwench, I'm for him.

    That said, Ron Paul GAVE the vote to Bill by splitting the vote. I get it.

    But have the repubs come up with anything that doesn't GIVE the election to the Witch???.

    He's definitely conservative, he's pro Israel, he's anti abortion, he's ...

    I normally don't throw in behind tea partiers because they GAVE the election to Bill!

    But, have they come up with anyone else that stands a chance???

    I've more reading to do about this guy but at this point, he's the best candidate.

    He should capture the black vote, the lib vote, and the undecided vote. Better than
    splitting the party and giving it to Hilarwench!!! She's an ABSOLUTE enema (I mean enemy).
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    He's certainly been a favorite of Conservative news outlets.

    I'll have to check his politics, however. I know his stance on Obamacare but what's his actual stance on every other element of politics which are important to me? I don't know yet. I'd be happy to support him if he's Libertarian enough. If he's just a Liberal who opposes Obamacare, then I can't support him for POTUS, though I do respect his position on Obamacare.

    Peace favor your sword,

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    A prepared speech for a target audience. If Barack Hussein Obama spoke at the NRA convention, he'd convince you that he was the greatest thing to happen to firearms since John Moses Browning. It's what politicians do.

    Under direct questioning, Ben Carson has shown a tilt againstt semi-automatic firearms, and for "smart-gun" legislation. Hell... I can barely rely on my smart-phone at normal times, I don't want to bet my life on a "smart-gun" in a crisis -- "Excuse me Mr. Burglar... Could you please stop killing my family for a few minutes so my smart-gun can finish updating its operating system?"
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    I don't think Obama could recite a prepared speech at the NRA, no matter who wrote it....
  10. You 100% correct on that. I won't be voting for him.
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    The GOP clown car needed a driver. lol
  12. IMO the one person who could beat Hillary hands down refuses to run, she could have beat Obama. Whatever her reasons for not running before, NOW would be a plus. But she won't budge, she will not even run for the Senate.
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    Carson flip flops to much, he may be a conservative but he is to centrist and would give in to dems to often
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    I would vote for "perotter" if he was running against Billary! O-my-God! did I say that!