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  1. I miss my '70 Chevelle SS454, but I'm actually pretty happy with what I own now (GTO, WRX). I'd spend that money on more mods for my current cars, driving schools and gaining more racing experience.
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    I'll take a 2000 trans am with the ws6 performance package or any late 70s camaro. but also so many others to mention.

  3. I'll take any 60's Mustang or Shelby toy!! An early Vette wouldn't be bad either!!
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    sorry, gotta go foreign on this one.....

    bugatti veyron
  5. Yeahhhhhh. +1111111
  6. 1967 Camaro SS RS 396!
    My first car. Sold it when number one son got to big for the back seat. Boy was that a mistake!


    Actually I would like to be able to get in the one sitting in my garage. No it not the one in the picture.
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    1968 Lincoln Continental. Can't find a good picture that doesn't involve 22's and riding on airbag nonsense. I love the suicide doors.
  8. 1969 torino g.t. with 428...

    or maybe an AMX or javilen.

    the 1967 chevelle is nice too!
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    Aston Martin v12 Vanquish
    end of thread, LOL
  10. My dream garage:

    -One of each Corvette ZR1
    1970, which included the LT1 350, M22 four speed, heavy springs, heavy shocks, aluminum radiator and other goodies
    1990, which came with the DOHC LT5 V8, ZF 6-speed and some big a$$ 315 35 ZR17 rear tires
    2008, which is just insane with its supercharged V8, carbon fiber body panels and ceramic brakes. There is no reason to lust after a Ferrari or a Lambo when this car exists

    -1969 Corvette ZL1
    Only two ever made. Motor Trend tested one and ran a 10.30 at 131 mph in the quarter mile when they bolted some slicks on it. There's not much as sexy as a 615hp all aluminum 427 from the factory. Rated at 430hp to keep the insurance hounds at bay, of course. :)

    -1999 GMT400 two door Tahoe
    Upgraded to a 14 bolt SF axle, 4L80E transmission, 4.10 gears and a 383. I actually own one of these, but all I've accomplished thus far is the 14 bolt SF swap, custom PCM tune, cat-back exhaust and a Vette servo. 383 to come.

    -2009 Silverado 3500 LTZ
    Duramax/Allison combo with Edge Juice tuner, cat back exhaust, LT285s and 4.56 gears

    -Hummer H1 Alpha
    Love that D-max/Allison combo in the most capable factory off-roader ever. Factory installed 37" tires, CTIS and a 10,000# winch

    -1969 Camaro Z28
    With the ultra rare and high-winding 302. Lean, mean and out of control.

    -1963 Z06 Corvette
    Split window, 360hp 327 V8 and a 4 speed. With a 30+ gallon factory fiberglass gas tank so you can run the track all day long.

    -Koenigsegg CCX
    One of two imported cars on my dream car list. Mid-engine twin supercharged animal. I love how raw this car is. If you watch Top Gear, you already know all about it.

    -McLaren F1
    Yeah, the Bugatti Veyron may ultimately be faster, but this thing is way cooler. Center seating position, everything lightened, gold foil insulation...it was just such an amazing leap forward in the 1990s.

    -1988 Callaway Corvette Sledgehammer
    Based on a regular production Corvette, this twin turbo beauty made 880 hp and went 254mph at the Ohio Transportation Research Center before the Veyron was ever even thought up. It was also totally streetable with a working radio and A/C. Reeves Callaway drove it from CT to OH and then back again after its high speed run. The Europeans and Japanese could stand to learn a few things from us. :)

    -2008 Year One Burt Reynolds Trans Am
    The ultimate Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am. LS7 V8, manual trans and meaner than a junkyard dog.
  11. There's a lot, but here are a few

    Caterham Super 7 CSR

    BMW Z4 Roadster

    Saleen S7

    Chrysler Crossfire

    Subaru Impreza Rally Car
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    hmm dang I used to own a 1981 TA black with the gold bird the turbo and T-Top action as well (woot Smokey and the Bandit!!!)... the works like at least 12 black widow spiders lived in there it was great... oh guess I forgot to mention it was an old project car. I was able to drive it home from the guys house that I bought it from though.... I've moved on to something better though it's a '69 Nova.

    No such thing as foreign muscle...
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    Have a few of my dreams here right now. 2005 Subaru WRX STi, 1975 Mini Cooper, 1971 Austin Mini Pickup,, and 1970 MGB-GT
  14. [​IMG]
    This might be called muscle :) 6.8L Rolls-Royce V8
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    Do you have to yell over the exhaust note when its just idling? Didn't think so. Can it do a quarter mile in 7 seconds? Probably not... Got 500 or more horses under the hood? No? why not? Super charger? Oh its got a fridge in the backseat? Guess that will help for that Sunday picnic... I think that Rolls had 220bhp....

    Edit: Sorry nothing personal I just really get worked up over American muscle cars.
  16. im with ya on the love for American muscle.....but the 81 TA only had around approx 205 hp. lol 75-84 = seriously pitiful on HP most anywhere.
  17. Mstr33t

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    Yeah freakin' gas crisis ruined it. The 80 TA had 210 and the 81 had 200. I did a lot of reading when I got my 81 it was one of the first GM cars to have a computer in it. And it was considered the last muscle car of that era. The mid 80's Stang was worse, it came off the line with a four banger 105 horse engine so sad... :cantlook: :cantlook:
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    FINALLY someone who gets small power!!!
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    No...That's why you get a Jag :D  Don't have to yell over the exhaust note...unless you want to :p Then there's a way around that.  Beyond that, you can get it pre-fabbed with just about all those other options INCLUDING the fridge in the backseat if you're so inclined

    That is, if you go for an XK8, S-type or X-type. But, of course, if you REALLY want 500+HP and supercharged, the XKR is the ONLY way to go