Drilling & Tapping a Revolver

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  1. So the father in-law has recently gotton his back fixed up and is feeling better and I get a phone call asking how a couple hunting trips sound. Of course I'm game and ask him what he had in mind. Well this isn't a simple quail or deer hunt. First he's planning on a hog hand gun hunt here in the states then next winter a caribou hunt in Canada. So first off is getting the .357 set up for a hog hunt. I'm going to send it off to Taurus for a once over and to tighten up the cyliner then am going to see about have it drilled and tapped for a scope mount as I can see this being a fine hog gun with its 8 ports in the barrel and it seems to be very accurate. So my question is can anyone give me an idea on what this would cost and where I can have this service done at (NC guys chime in on local places)
  2. Will Taurus do it for you? Even if they charge a little more may be worth it since they will have it anyway.

  3. Never thought of that, will look into it. Beats having it shipped twice.