Drop Dead Gorgeous

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  1. gorgeous.... that's all I can say. Forgot I had these

    Went to the range awhile back and shot the 995. This older fellow shows up with a large bag, a few boxes, etc. Takes his time, and sets up the rifle in the pics. I didn't know enough to ask more questions so I don't know what caliber it is. He built it from scratch, does a few a year and sells them. We left the range and went to the pistol area to shoot before he was done setting up. We heard this BOOOOOOM! and started laughing..... HOLY CRAP. BOOOOOOM! again.... Wow. Anyhow, enjoy some hand crafted art.

  2. Sort of SciFi looking. Def an original. Not really my taste, of course I like evil black rifles.

  3. Not exactly my taste or budget either, but WOW!

    What caliber? With that hunk of steel, it must be massive!
  4. neato. Interesting design of the receiver setup. Right hand bolt operation and left hand ejection.
  5. Wow, that's some nice craftsmanship
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  7. Dont think it is. Handle is on right, brass eject on left, cheek rest is on the left. Probably a custom build for someone who wanted the brass to come out on the left.
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    Looks like a homemade 50bmg?
  9. I like the bolt setup on that rifle a lot. Definitely a long range bench rest paper shooter with a price tag that would make a working man choke. Overall it is a nice rig, just not my cup of tea any more.
  10. Well it is exotic looking, something I certainly would eye ball at the range and be amazed just at the sheer amount of work and skill it takes to make something like that. One part I do absolutely love is the cheek rest. The way it sweeps back in two tone wood is just beautiful.
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    try hideously ugly....

    But, if you like it, oh well..........
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    I'd love to make a 50 like that. Maybe a dark red wood though.
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    A Bauhaus-influenced gun!! Simply gorgeous. It's something you just cannot place where you've seen it before. Very rare moments to find art that hasn't *really* been seen elsewhere.

    I'm smitten! Not something that I would fire all the time, but definitely a show off piece. Worth every penny the guy would charge. Would love to see some of his other pieces.

    What really gets me are the subtle pieces you don't notice off hand, such as the candycane turned bolt. That cannot be done on the fly. The builder has some definite vision when he put this to the bench. Strikes me as something you'd see an extremely well off nobleman firing during a foxhunt in an Agatha Christie novel or a weapon you'd find on the mantle of Indiana Jones' nemisis. Very much would fit in the modern art of the era.
  14. I like the stock design but not its color. The hardware looks fabulous.

    Dunno what cal it is but I seriously doubt its a .50. Who here has shot a .50? Now who here has shot a .50 with no muzzle brake? Haven't done the latter, but I know I don't want to.
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    Gotta agree on the stock and hardware. Never fired a .50BMG, so I can't comment on losing a shoulder, but I'm curious as to what it fires because to me the port doesn't look big enough for a .50BMG cartridge... but I've been wrong once before :D
    Is that steel coming all the way back on the comb?
  16. My guess would be .338 as that seems to be very popular with long range bench rest shooters these day. The .338 does sound like a canon going off and some times people mistake them for .50BMG's if they have never heard a 50 being fired. I too dont think its a .50 cause the action, bolt and barrel at too short and as pointed out it has no muzzle brake.
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    Looks like something out of the original BattleStar Galactica.
  18. Now I wish I had ASKED more questions. I was just so impressed with the darn thing I could only think of taking pics.

    This is a great example for me, of what I've been missing all these years in this "sport". Not just the self-defense part - but the workmanship, the hours, the commitment to the craft, depth of understanding. And just about to a person, whether you like the color, or shape, or size, etc..... OR not, all appreciate what it took to make this prize.

    This fellow, and many of you guys are so talented...... all one can say, is wow.
  19. Think you guys misread his comment. Didn't say he thought it was, said he'd like one that looked like this. A man can dream can't he?
  20. ^ true taurus. I misread. Still made a valid point though.