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    I don't "get it." Why do you need a special holster for the range?

    While I'm not morally opposed or anything silly like that, I just don't find the practicality. I don't "get it."

    Any time I shoot handguns at the range, I bring them in a locking case. They stay in the case, behind the line, until I want to shoot one, then I bring it to the line, in my hand. When I'm done with it, it goes back to the case. If I have firearm holstered on my person, it's my CC for that day and stays tucked away.

    Like I said, I'm not harassing you for what you want, I just don't understand. Help a friend out here. :)

    Peace favor your sword,

  3. I have the Safari Land model 6094 (i think that is correct). I don't think it is available any longer; it was issued by the Military. I like the features of the new Safari models better than the Black Hawk.

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    ever seen vids by Nutnfncy ?? , just like in his vids we've got hundreds of thousands of acres of Mtns and desert land to shoot our firearms . Friends of mine who are also Military vets dress this way or use military style holsters and such

    I've got a friend who is a Military Vet and he uses a Molle plate carrier vest with a cross draw Serpa set up for his handgun

    now yes if i went to a indoor or outdoor gun range like you're talking about then yes by all means i would use a gun case but even at these ranges i do see people using drop leg or other tactical holsters
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    So it's not so much for actual range use as for training. You'll use it as part of your training and then use it (or a similar model) for carry during EDC OC or SHTF.

    Is that it?

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Kirk... what? Don't need one just for shtf or any other unlikely disaster. We need them because trekking all day around a mountain or dessert range will wear your arm out without one, and makes smoking drinking tapering up holes tossing clays for your buddy all more difficult, and who wants to walk all the way back to the truck every time you need a free hand? ;) Besides they make great fashion statements.

    Also I've used just about every style holster there is and easily my favorite is a drop leg. They get the gun down and out of the way, they carry part of the weight on the leg greatly making the belt more comfortable, and they put the gun at a very natural grip position making the draw easy and fast.
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    Past....... I think I can answer this one for Kirk. (In Kirk's voice) " I'm cheap!"
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    The only drawback of a drop leg holster is that it tends to get tangled up in brush pretty easily. I always used a drop leg when I was a K9 Officer and going through brush on a track was a real PITA with it.
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    Would the hard shell type holster help with that?
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    NE Utah
    Many of our K9 guys used cross draw chest holsters. That was military, no idea how LEOs see that.
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    I hunt and play in perhaps the densest forests in the US and maybe 15 or 20 percent of the plants have thorns. My leather drop legs don't snag bad but all my clothes do. But bang is repeating the only major draw back to the drop leg I've heard, and it's not to hard to find others who agree. I like open chest rigs to but my guns are heavy and lowering the weight helps an old neck injury carry the load.

    Bull you'd probably like one and the nylon jobs are very cheap and before leather that's all I used. I have one with 20 years of wear and tear and it's held up very well.
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    The camo holster would look good with my new camo HP pistols"
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    I have a leather AKAH pendulum holster for my C9. It took a couple weeks with the pistol wrapped in a couple glad bags to get the leather to re-form around the C9, but I like it very well for OC. I also don't have to worry about it accidently falling out or anything like that. It also has a quick release at the swivel joint and you can also wear it without the swivel joint.

    Oh, the best part... the guy I bought the C9 from gave me the holster for free. :cool:

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    I've got a few I'm eyeballing... Got a cheap shoulder rig, but the way I'm built, I'm thinking the drop leg would be more comfortable.
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    That's nice Herm!
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    Ya that is nice Hermit. I'm making one right now for a Walther PPQ. It's a modified drop leg which will carry the gun about 2"before the belt because he doesn't want the gun at mid thigh. I'm just extending the drop strap an inch below the holster for a leg strap.
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    I use a leather drop-leg holster for my 8 3/8" barreled 686 for hunting, because if it is high at the waist I have to strain to draw it; so it must to be lower like a cowboy rig.
    I like to wear my JHP 45acp on my chest so when I run it isn't flailing all around.
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    To answer op. Id go with blackhawk. I have one for 1911s..beretta 92 and glock 17.
    I have serpas. Find them durable comfortable. And easy access. For walking trails and fields they are great and allow. For pistol to be below jacket or outer garment. My 2 cents
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    yep i'm really liking that Blackhawk drop leg holster i originally posted as it looks very well built and has multiple retention straps to insure your sidearm stays secure inside the holster

    i was looking at this Blackhawk drop leg set up but not sure if i would go this route . Maybe later on i might go with a vest and cross draw serpa set up like my friends