Dropped $700 at Dick's Sporting Goods

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Rachgier, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. Rachgier

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    No, it wasn't on a firearm. The big kid has a kayaking trip with the scouts Tuesday night and decided he would like a kayak of his own. We did some interwebz surfing to find good prices and it turns out Dick's was having their 20-40% off tent sale this weekend. I also had a $10 off coupon and an additional 10% off for being a scorecard member. The prices were so good with the extra discounts I ended picking up two.
    $350 kayaks for $180 each.
    $85 Type II rated PFD's for $60 each.
    $90 paddles for $70 each.
    All told I dropped $670 including tax.
    It would have been nice to add a new boom stick to the collection, but being able to go hang out with the big kid and the scouts was worth it. Took the kids and woman down to the creek and threw the yaks in the water and shot some Class I and II rapids since the woman had never been in one before. Even let the kids take a turn in the calm water.

  2. Dagwood

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    Sweet!! the wife and I were just talking about doing some white water rafting on the mighty Rio Grande. Not in a kayak, probably on one of those raft tours. We're not that good. lol

  3. cicpup

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    Now squeal like a pig.
  4. duster066

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    I got turned on too kayaks this summer as well. I've decided to make a killer wood sea kayak this winter using the stitch and glue method. It'll make a killer fishing and hunting rig.
  5. tallbump

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    Awesome. My buddy in NY (the one from church who gives me the guns and ammo) just got one. He put in on Lake Erie at one beach and rowed 7 miles to the next. (He lives on teh lake). He's hooked and is ordering a tandem for the family to share.

    Gonna head out sometime before summer is over and go on an overnight trip. Head up the lake some, camp on a beach. eat some fish we caught on the way.

    Thinking about getting one of these myself next summer to take my one daughter fishing


    The KL Industries Sportsman fishing boat is the perfect boat to fits in the back of a pickup with no trailer needed. Features include two adjustable and removable swivel seats, recessed beverage and tackle holders, built-in motor mounts. The Sportsman comes pre-wired for electronic trolling motors. Rugged, UV-stabilized Fortiflex high-density polyethylene deck and hull. Meets CE and US Coast Guard safety standards.

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  6. Rachgier

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    Check with PA and USCG REGS about registering it once you put a trolling motor on it. I was researching NY and PA about the boating laws for when we head back down to PA for camping. In NY any water craft you throw a motor on, even a trolling motor, becomes a "motorized" vehicle and requires registration and insurance to be legal. I only went a couple of miles total down and back today. Had to make sure my arms didn't crap out on me. lol

    The cool part about these kayaks is they use the same shells and molds for the angler's model so the locating dimples are there for where they drill and mount the rod holders. If I decide to do it, I can just order them from the company and install them myself. They also sell a spray skirt if I ever decide to get brave and go after some class III or higher rapids and the multi-chine hull tracks awesome. I'll have to learn how to self-right in a pool or something before I ever do anything like that though.
  7. Hermitt

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    Just last weekend was the Payette River Games in Cascade. There's already talk of it becoming a 5 day event next year!

  8. ajole

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    NE Utah
    My SIL has a pair of ocean rated sit on top kayaks. I have a 14' canoe. I like them both, but the canoe feels less stable. The kayaks were fun, easier than a sit inside to get back on if you tip, and have rudders. I'm thinking I may have gotten the wrong boat.

    Now my wife..she wants a paddle boat. Which I thought was stupid, until I realized they are very stable, it's exercise like riding a bike, but I can fish from it, and it's about the same price as my canoe was.

  9. tallbump

    tallbump Supporting Member

    Yeah, I need to look into that more. I do think I would need to register it. I really don't mind that. Although I am looking into some tandem kayaks for fishing too, just to make an informed decision.

    That's how my buddy's is. It didn't come equipped for fishing but he is going to add the stuff.
  10. Rachgier

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    Holy sh*t my arms are beat. A buddy of mine called me up and wanted to see if I was up to go kayaking now that he has someone to go with who has their own stuff. We went down to the Susquehanna River set off with a couple of kids. The kids did fine on the calm water side of the island for a simple 2 mile round-trip but then he and I set off on a trek around the entire island. 2 miles up to the eastern point, 4 miles down on the river side, then another 2 miles back upstream from the western end. I'm sub-burnt to hell, my arms are spaghetti, and I'm PISSED because I should have bought the go pro camera when I had the chance. On our trip around the island I ended up cruising along the island's shoreline next to a family of beavers, a groundhog in the middle of the river swimming out to the island, and even got to watch a bald eagle take a fish right out of the water maybe 15 yards off my bow and fly it back up to it's nest in the trees on the point of the island while it's mate flew in a tight pattern overhead.