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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by slimjim34655, May 15, 2008.

  1. slimjim34655

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    If I can get at least 100 people to say yes, I can have brand new drum mags designed, tested, and ready for sale by September.
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    I think before any one would by into this they would have to see it first to believe it.

    Not to be rude but some have tried, All have failed. Infact there isnt even a totaly reliable 15 rounder yet.

    I know I can only speak for myself but I would def, need to see before I will even think of it more than a PIPE dream. Again not trying to be rude at all.

    Also welcome to the forum and have fun, god people and great place to chill.

  3. If you can put one out for a 4095 that is dependable and doesnt cost a small fortune, im in.

    I think it can be done, just a matter of the right person and the right parts and a little luck.

    Sometimes, the luck really counts in at first.
  4. Personaly, I think you will be hard pressed to find 100 people to put in 100 bucks. But more power to you.
  5. I just have trouble justifying a $100 drum for a $200 rifle when it's not as cheap as .22 rimfire to shoot, and it's not my primary defense rifle.

    $50 dollars for a 30 round or larger drum--I could probably rationalize that.
  6. slimjim34655

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    I will be making a youtube video of the feed testing for the prototype, it's ok, that was a very good point thank you for mentioning it.

    I am not asking for people to pay before there is a product, I just want to make sure that it's worth the trouble before I go any further.
  7. Just the 995 or both carbines? How many rounds?

    Any idea what the price range will be?

    Any other info would help
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    A fully-loaded drum would weigh 3 times more than the rifle itself. Plus, it's useless to a poor fool like me who lives in a totalitarian state that believes a magazine with 12 rounds is somehow deadlier than one that holds "only" 10. Even if I could own one, $100 is pretty damn steep, you can buy an old milsurp rifle for that much.
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    There would have to be a moderator review of your product before it could be offered for sale on HPFF.
  10. I wasn't saying that. Just telling you from personal experience, if 100 people "say" they would buy a $100 item, you will be lucky if 30 actually buy it. Its just one of those facts.
  11. condition1

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    it would have to be for the 4095 though. My numerous attempts have ended in failure. Good luck.
  12. Maybe just a pipedream, but a 4095 with say a 30 or 50 rd drum would make a great little SHTF weapon. Zombies beware!
  13. I know there are probably more Saigas than Hi Point carbines, but a guy is PRE selling 20 rd drums for the S12 shotgun, and has sold over 1200 of them. I am not sure what percentage of the S12 owners that makes, but still its a lot of people that wanted the product enough to plop down the money in advance.
  14. Will the company not make a Test and Evaluation product before they start production on it? They should at least make 2 or 3 of them just to be tested as part of the R&D phase of the process.
  15. The only problem Primal is that it takes a fair amount of money to professionally get into even a serious test and evaluation of something like that.

    The guy with the S12 drum said it cost him in the neighborhood of 200,000 bucks to get to the stage where he was ready to actually produce a beta test drum.

    With pre selling 1200 of them at between 165 and 210 a piece, he is just now looking at breaking even.

    Depending on how professional the OP wants to get, it can be done, but the money factor is the problem.

    No offense to the guys that have tried, but a team of engineers could I am sure solve the problem, its just a matter of is it economically feasable to do so.

    It would be nice though

    A spray and pray hi point carbine :)
  16. slimjim34655

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    They are going to have a prototype to me in about a month, they'll test it, send it to me, I will test it, and post the video.

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  18. Depending on the weight is there a risk of screwing up the part that holds the mags in place? I would love it but I worry about bending stuff
  19. That can always be helped by something around the bottom of the pistol grip that attatches to the drum itself to disperse the weight of the drum or something similar. There is always a way to work around a problem. Just have to stumble across it.
  20. mill419

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    I know I am just a noob, but here's my $.02.

    I can't think of a time where I would need that much ammo at one time. Maybe if the 995 was an actual automatic weapon, it would be worth it.

    The weight would be my concern.

    Just sayin'! :wink: