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  1. Was talking to a friend about the nuances of dry firing between a Glock and a Hi point. For the Glock - you basically HAVE to do so in order to disassemble and clean. What about Hi point c9's?

    I'm not sure exactly why it's been historically discouraged, is it still?
  2. The problem with Dry Fire is that the firing pin doesn't hit what it is supposed to.
    On Rimfires it can especially be a problem. The firing pin will hit the face & cause an indentation or it can dull the firing pin causing misfires.
    On old wheel guns it could cause the firing pin to become misshapened & this would cause it to actually pierce the primer causing a blow back on the hammer.
    On newer wheel guns it could cause the firing pin to become stuck in the fired position.
    I'm not too sure how it would affect Semi Auto's but I would think that too much dry firing would stress the spring by making it stretch further than it should & could also damage the firing pin too.
    Think of it like throwing a hard punch & missing your target. It really makes your shoulder hurt, don't it!!

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    some semi-autos its totally cool to do so.. yet others you shouldnt/cant. i'd refer to the mfg.
  4. you will have no issues if you dry fire your hp. some guns gained a reputation (ie cz52) for having weak firing pins made of junk metal that would snap if dry fired. someone took this example and decided it was universal, which is incorrect. it will do nothing to your hp.
  5. good to know since i dry fire them once when i clean them after the range.
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    Use snap caps to uncock your firing pin.
  7. my gun dealer told me it's ok to dry fire my c9 because it is a blow back design.

  8. Problem with using snap caps is then you need to cycle / cock to get the cap out - if you want to. I dry fire the HP to uncock. I NEVER dry fire my KT.

    All based on what the mfg. says.
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    I have dry fired mine many any many times LOL
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    Dry fire

    Until I talk to the manufacture I have been taking a pencil with new eraser and putting it in the barrel and then dry firing it.

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    Snap caps are cheap insurance and really, you need snap caps on dry draws too.
  12. Re: Dry fire

    That is a great idea, I would have never come with that one :)
  13. Re: Dry fire

    It makes a wonderful cat toy!
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    Eraser dry fire

    Well, I wish I could take credit for the idea; but I cannot. I read it somewhere and it works great. And there is no casing to eject afterward. As far as I know having to eject anything afterward would reset the fire pin again on the Hi-Point. Maybe someone else could clear that up.

  15. I saw it on a forum about dry firing and practicing your aim. My C9 shoots the pencil about 2.5 ft straight up, the CF380 shoots it about 3.5 ft up.

    I use it to release the firing pin and the snap caps for cycling the weapon.