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    anybody ever use this stuff? I'm not saying I would hump a bunch around or anything, but i was in a bind last night (over the legal limit to drive, anyway not so much of a bind) wanting instant mashed taters and had no milk, so I made up some dry milk to use in them and couldn't tell any difference. Kinda made me think it would be good to have a box around. I found no exp date on the box. not saying I want powdered milk all the time, but it would do in a pinch.
    NDS, please do not punch me through the screen, as I feel this post might offend your good sensibilities.
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    I believe Powdered Milk is a great idea and addition to any Stored foods.

    Also I believe you couldnt tell the diff was due to the Limmit. :p:)

    Id suggest trying it sober. Just make some up give a taste test then go for the taters again.

    I kept some for a long time. Need to pick some up again.
    Also Not all are packed equally and share the Long arse life span.

  3. There is also the ready to drink UHT milk that is in paper cartons and can be stored at almost any temp for fairly long times and is ready to drink.

    Not bad stuff, they used to give it to us all of the time over in Germany in the early 80's.

    Have seen it around here.

    Dont have to worry about a clean water supply, its ready to drink.
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    I have left open boxes in the cabinet for up to a year and they were still usable. Put the flakes in zip locks and they would last nearly forever in spite of what is marked on the box. Instant rice is the same.

    there is no government standard on shelf life, it's whatever the mfg wants to put on the box. Ignore the dates, they mean nothing on most items. If its good it's good and if it isn't, it isn't.
  5. That is true, I have powered milk that I keep in the freezer, and would trust it for years and years.
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    I always try to keep powdered milk on hand. Useful stuff for cooking and emergencies. I always bring some when I head into the bush for multi-day hikes. However, unlike you, I can easily tell the difference in taste between powdered and fresh milk, but I don't care. Brings back memories of some excellent times!
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    We don't drink milk as a beverage at my house, we only use it in cooking. I've switched completely away from liquid milk and onto powdered for everything.

    If you store it well (away from moisture, light, etc) it can last up to 30 years. I try to keep a year's worth of food on hand, and we estimate that 40 pounds per person is probably about right. If we drank it, we'd probably push that up to 75 pounds per person.

    There are several dry milk cookbooks out there, showing you how to make everything from cheese to sherbet to salad dressing out of it. I'll see if I can dig up a link.
  8. WTF is that all about? I not only have failed to exercise my ability to do so, I have never threatened nor hinted that it may be a possibility.

    If you have a difficulty with me for some reason--address it in a PM. It is crass to do so in open forum.

    As to your desire for powdered milk, I care not whether you use it or not. Some of us have legitimate uses for it, but I doubt you would actually care about the nature of my opinion...

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    You can add powdered milk to a lot of recipes and it will add to the nutrition of the food without changing the taste in a major way. It works well in food like cookies, cakes, mashed potatoes, casseroles, bread, pancakes and the list can go on and on. When making powdered milk for drinking use filtered or bottle water so the water will not add an unpleasant taste to the milk, serving the milk ice cold and shaking the milk vigorously before pouring will make it more appealing to your taste buds.
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    to anyone who reads this thread, please know I did not mean anything derogatory about NDS, apparently just a bad attempt at humor that was taken the wrong way. Holy crap! I've been electronically mooned! that's new...

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    condition1 You need to use :lol: so he knows you're clowning around. I forget myself sometimes as well :wink:
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    affirmative. where would we be without the emoticon? :oops:
  13. Thanks for the clarification and I'm glad to hear there's no anger, just a misunderstanding. I'm sorry if I came on strong, but I really don't want to hurt anyone 's feelings and sometimes my posts can be obtuse. So, to all reading this thread (and mods, thanks for your PMs trying to straighten things out before they really got bent) condition1 and I have traded PMs too and all is well.

    PS--I think since powdered milk is still a milk by-product; the National Dairy Shrine is almost certainly a fan of powdered milk too!

    PPS--condition1:I stole the 'electric mooning' emoticon from another forum, so if you want to take it as your own I'll not stand in your way! :p