DUH moment of my week

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  1. Not firearm related. Figure you all will get a kick out of this.

    Saturday, I changed out the front calipers, rotors and pads on my inherited '95 Maxima. Bled the brakes, test drove, ten or so increasingly more quick and at higher speed stops to seat them. Everything seemed great.

    Going to work this morning, get up near 7/8 zero (cops ain't got no evidence on me!!) and felt a shudder from the front right. !??!!? Never had a brake job cause the feel of a tire out of balance. Got the same feel in the way home at about the same speed.

    Get into my head that its gotta be a loose out or lugs or a really bad rotor that wasn't visibly bad.

    Get it it of the car as the garage door is going up, already thinking "get torque wrench, 19mm socket and oh, where's my locknut socket..."

    Walk towards the car and yep, there it is. STILL on one of the lug nuts.

    That's after 70 miles of mostly 50+ MPH bumpy roads. Even some slow construction zones that will shake your spleen out your mouth.

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    Doh!....... Glad it held on long enough to find.....

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    Did that with a ratchet one day. Finished an oil change. Tested it, no leaks. Grabbed everything and left the ratchet laying on top of the frame. Kept hearing a rattle from the engine, kept checking oil and pressure, was fine... next oil change a month later I look over and it had dropped handle down into a hole in the frame. Every bump it wobbled back and forth hitting the frame on the sides... drove me nuts but I couldn't find a problem. Didn't notice I was short a ratchet because I own a dozen cheap ones...