Dumb ? about loading .380 magazine

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  1. Hi Guys, I just got my new .380acp and it will be a few weeks before I can fire it. In the mean time, I've been trying to learn as much as I can about the handgun from this forum, documentation, Internet, etc. I read about the magazine lip adjustment that may be necessary and the suggestion about leaving new magazines loaded for a few weeks to help break-in the spring. I have a dumb question about loading the magazines.

    I sure this is a stupid question but I figured I would ask anyway. When putting bullets in a new magazine; the rim of one round would sit on the rim of the round below it, however, sometime I've seen the rim of one round resting on the depression next to the rim of the round below it.

    I suspect that being careful that the rounds are directly on top of each other in the magazine, rim to rim, is important for the correct feeding during shooting. But what happens, if anything, if the rounds don't quite sit flush against the back of the magazine.

    Again, sorry for the dumb question from a newbie ,,,,
  2. Honestly i wouldnt worry about it.

    I have never paid that much attention. Just loaded it up, smacked the back off my palm and inserted into the magwell.

    Haven't had a problem yet. and i doubt that you will either. if you do have a problem it wont be from improper loading in the mag, unless you put them in backwards.

  3. OK good, sounds like smacking the back of the magazine against your palm may help to align some cartridges to the back of the magazine. Thanks Jim
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    That is true Icback and about mag lip adjustment my .380 has done great with no adjustment to mag or feed ramp, etc. I don't see a need in it. Usually it will be lesser grade ammo.
    Mom is fine with federal ammo. I have used federal, magtech, and Winchester white box value pack and I had one round FTF that was Winchester.

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    I just load mine and tab the back of the magazine against my Palm. That aligns the cartridges to the rear of the mag. I notice if I remove the mag after firing with rounds still in the mag, the rounds have moved forward and found their own place.

    I wondered how this would work as manufacturers that use the same mags for similar 9mms/380cap models usually put a spacer in the rear of the mag. The answer...it works just fine. My CF380 has been one of my most reliable pistols. This is with no modifications to the magazine lips or polishing of the feed ramps.

    I hope you enjoy your CF380 as much as I am enjoying mine.
  6. Appreciate the info guys. I will be firing my new .380 for the first time on August 2 when I take the CCW required class and range. I really look forward to it.
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    I'm no expert but I would think rimless cartridges in autos and semi-autos don't need to perfectly aligned (vertically) in the mag. The cartridges slip past each just fine when it comes time to strip them off one by one, because the rimless configuration means there's nothing to catch on between the top round and the next one below it.