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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Dany, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. I know this is a stupid question and I should know, but can someone let me know how to post pictures on the forum?
  2. sure- there's more than one way, this is prob an easier of them.

    go to photobucket.com, create an account.
    take some pics
    use MS Picture manager or similar to make the size you want and compress to make it easy to upload and view.
    go to photobucket and upload your revised pics
    for normal pics in a message, link on the IMG code link at the bottom of the pic - this copies the code.
    come to our message and cntrl-V / paste the code
    hit preview to make sure it's what you want
    hit submit when satisfied
    bask in the glory of your post.

    that's it............ I think!

  3. neothespian

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    Damn that sounds alot more complicated than how I do it :shock:

    Not that it's a bad way.... Here's what I do:

    Upload whatever image I have to any of the myriad of hosting sites (Photobucket, VidiLife, Youtube, MySpace, etc). Usually when you upload them they put them into a decent format.

    If you're a PC user (which I am, so I'll speak from that perspective), right-click on the image and click "View Image". It will then show the image only in the browser window.

    Copy the link.

    Now, back in the form text, click the URL button. Then, paste the copied link just after the [ URL ] brackets.

    Click the URL button again to close the action.

    BAM!! Picture in post!

    The nice part is that you can link any picture to appear in the posts from the web as long as the image itself has a URL (just right click to see it) AND you can perform the action from any browser... even mobile phone browsers
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    Neo, your method would put a link to the picture, not imbed the pic in the post. Photobucket makes it easy as the give you the IMG code to do it. Just copy and paste. Your method gives this;


    As opposed to this:


    Use the IMG button instead of the URL button to imbed the pics
  5. I'll try to get the sticky posted in all the forums soon.