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    They would if it was john q citizen, why not a cop, who should really know better one would think

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    She was acting like she has gonna whack him with it like it was a JHP hammer.
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    Nah she was politely putting it on the counter........:rolleyes:
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    At least she had the wherewithal to grab it! Although if he had chosen to fight her for it rather than run he could have easily overpowered her. She was clearly not prepared for such an incident. Hopefully she took the event as a learning lesson and has gotten herself some training- as opposed to jumping on the gun control bandwagon.
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    Or at least she should get some batting practice.:rolleyes:
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    I follow this thread just to make sure I didn't turn up married in the morning......:lol:
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    One of the guys at the plant I pick up at every Friday says, "try to not get married this weekend." :p
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  10. Today's nominee is this child's father.

    PEABODY MASS (CBS) – Police are investigating how a child brought a loaded gun to daycare in his backpack Friday morning. Peabody Police received a call from Little Sprouts Early Education and Child Care on 71st Avenue to report that staff found a handgun inside a child’s backpack.

    Police said the Smith and Wesson gun was loaded and the safety catch was on. The gun was owned by the child’s father, who was licensed in a neighboring town. Police took possession of the gun. Peabody Police notified the Department of Children and Families and said that charges would be filed with Peabody District Court, but didn’t say what the charges would be. Police did not say how the gun ended up in the backpack.


    Lemme tell you three of the charges: Child endangerment, improper storage of firearm, improper storage of ammunition. He will lose the gun, his right to carry, and possibly his child. Dumbass for sure!
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    Why would anyone...???? Oh, wait. Refer to the title of the thread
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    But it was show and tell day !
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    You see, that's the kind of crap that ruins it for the other 99% of us. :mad:
  14. What NOT to do while visiting in mAssachoo$hitz

    DARMOUTH (CBS) – A Virginia man was arrested Saturday after he allegedly flashed a gun at a woman during a road rage incident in Dartmouth.

    Just after 8 p.m. a woman called Dartmouth Police to report that a man in a dark colored pickup truck with Virginia plates pointed a gun at her while stopped at traffic lights near Shaw’s on State Road. The truck was found on Faunce Corner Road.

    Police identified the driver as Michael Couture, 56, of Hampton, Virginia.

    Officers found a 9 mm Ruger handgun in the truck, along with an open bottle of alcohol and several other empty bottles and cans of alcohol.

    Couture allegedly admitted to police that he had been involved in a road rage incident.

    Police arrested Couture for assault with a dangerous weapon, carrying a loaded firearm without a license, carrying a firearm while intoxicated, second offense OUI and other charges.

    This guy is in for an unpleasant and expensive lesson in the court system in mAssacho$hitz
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    The pic of the gun and 30 rounds magazine had rimfire ammo with it.... gun isa Glock 19. What's up with that?

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    Looks like 147gr round nose to me. Look at the back of the cartridge. That's a centerfire 9.
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    Guess it's just a crappy picture....I see what your saying... but I had to enlarge the pic and it still wasn't real clear.
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    @TNTRAILERTRASH yes you WILL Appear here if you "tie the knot" again... :p

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    Did you hear I got contacted from the "great beyond?" Apparently she is married to #5 and has talked him into selling his house and buying one in GA to be near her grandkids? If he divorces her he will lose half of his shit! And yet she still stalks me on this forum.
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