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    See that by otch is crazy. She married another dude and is stalking you how hod damn sad is he that she stalks you. Really have you met you? Holy f ing shit is she crazy as shit.
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  2. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes...


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    :lol:I have met me! I wouldn't marry me on a bet!
    She's a professional liar. Some poor sap bought her line. I wised up and bailed before I built a house, and sold my land and bought this other place. Now to build a house!
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  4. Police: Man threatened woman with rusty handgun

    The revolver police seized (left) and Myles Turner, 24, Fall River (right). (Photos courtesy: Facebook/Fall River Police Dept.)

    by: Erica Ponte WPRI
    Posted: Oct 5, 2019 / 04:39 AM EDT / Updated: Oct 5, 2019 / 04:39 AM EDT

    FALL RIVER, Mass. (WPRI) — Police arrested a man who allegedly threatened a woman with a rusty handgun last week.

    Officers responded to Tremont Street after receiving reports of a man brandishing a weapon. When police arrived, the man was nowhere to be found.

    Witnesses told police a woman could be heard yelling at the man, “So you’re going to wave a gun at me” and he had tucked the gun into his waistband before taking off.

    Officers searched the area and eventually arrested Myles Turner, 24, of Fall River. Police said they found nearly 22 grams of crack cocaine hidden in Turner’s pants at the time of his arrest.

    Following his arrest, police searched an apartment related to the investigation. During the search, officers found a sock with a 5-shot revolver inside of it that was stashed under a futon. The gun’s handle was held together with duct tape.

    Police believe this is the gun Turner used to threaten the woman.

    Turner is charged with carrying a firearm without a license to carry, trafficking in cocaine, assault with a dangerous weapon, possession of a firearm during a felony and firearm possession with three violent felony crimes.
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    Gun in a sock? Do we really know what SwagZ looks like?
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    Hey shut it!
    If it’s good enough for the operator who’s so kool he doesn’t even have a number it’s good enough for me.
    It does rust though in a sock holster :cool:

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    Chances are that is a .32 S&W. Not much of that ammo laying around.
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  8. and POSSIBLY more dangerous to the shooter than the victim..... :duh:
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    I do. And its not him
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    You spend a lot of time at the Post Office, eh?

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    He's infinitely more handsome than that dude....

    Or so I've heard!
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    I drive by it every day
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    NE Utah
    Red flag alert! Some is planning a drive by at a federal building!

    Dang...that sounded funny until I realized Pelosi or her cronies would buy that BS hook line and sinker...
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    They wouldn't care that I have to to get home.
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  15. Groom-to-be said he robbed bank to pay for wedding ring, venue
    A Crockett man told law enforcement officers that he robbed a bank in Groveton to pay for a ring and a venue for his wedding, according to the Trinity County sheriff. The robbery suspect also told authorities that his wedding would have been tomorrow. The man's fiancé saw the Facebook post with the surveillance video stills of the man who allegedly robbed the Groveton bank on Friday morning and recognized him. She told the man to turn himself into authorities; he followed her advice and turned himself in at the Houston County Courthouse. The sheriff says that most of the money was recovered.
    More here: https://www.kltv.com/2019/10/04/texas-sheriff-groom-to-be-robbed-bank-pay-wedding-ring-venue/
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    At least she/he (gotta be PC) didn't turn him in for the Crime Stoppers reward..:D

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    Then they could repay the bank!
  18. I think the guy did her a massive favor by showing how intelligent he is. She, on the other hand, was absolutely masterful in how she got out of being in the relationship with the loser: "Turn yourself in!"