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  1. steyraug223

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    Ok i waited long enough before starting this thread up, i have to ask who else plays Dnd or another similar game? I play 3.5 Dnd and i dm 2 campaigns
  2. z71silverado98

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    Ive got some old Magic Decks laying around. I Bought a few new ones at wal-mart when we went w/out cable for 6months after moving into a new place. Its a neat game but the whole rat race thing w/ having to buy new stuff every month reminded me why i quit playing so many many years ago.

  3. elguapo

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    Honestly, homie, I havnt played D&D or even AD&D since....'86.
  4. AGuyNamedMike

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    Yeah, same here.
  5. Kagern

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    D&D DM and overly involved (financially) MTG player here. Actually just stopped playing about 6 months ago when my main multi player deck 'disappeared' one day 8(.
  6. Probably about 6 or 7 years for me since my last DnD game. Still got the books somewhere though. I also enjoyed Shadowrun a lot (and I actually know where those books are ;) ) but again, been years for me.
  7. Played it once. It was...interesting. I stick to the video games based on all the stuff now.
  8. Dreamthief

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    I haven't played since 90, when I was in Jr. High. My sister is trying to get into the live action stuff. I'm like taurus, I like vid games and pretty much stick to them when I actually have time to play something
  9. Anybody remember the Shadowrun game that was made for the old SNES and Genesis? IMHO that was the last time a good game was made with the name Shadowrun. The current one just doesn't do any justice to the PnP game. I would really love to see somebody make an all out, hard core RPG based in the Shadowrun universe again.

    Makes me wish I could find my old copy of Shadowrun and my old SNES, even with the fact that you could ruin the game in the first 15 minutes by not giving that guy the stupid bandages (at least I think that's what he wanted) :p
  10. steyraug223

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    wow so i'm in a room full of vets, i feel so special :lol: anyone ever play any modern based role playing games?
  11. Mike_AZ

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    Yeah, but that is between me and my wife. :wink:
  12. z71silverado98

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  13. Kagern

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    OMG! A clip from Family Guy, that is actually funny!

    hehe, haven't been on MTGO since I stopped playing in RL. Speaking of 'vets', how many Everquest players do we have here? I just noticed about a month ago that I still have an an EQ account still hitting my credit card every month, and that last time I played hardcore (hydraing 3 accounts in Old Seb) was probably 3-4 years ago 8(.

    BTW, we have any EVE players out there?
  14. D&D

    I first started playing around 1975 after an accident left me in a bad way for a while recovered from the accident never got over D&D still playing today.
    anyone remember keep on the border land module ?
  15. Old EQ player here (see the name) :D Havent played in ages though
  16. You might want to cancel that account, the interest must be killing you.
  17. steyraug223

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  18. Evercrack, no thankyou. I value what little time I see the light of day with all my time on the forum. Just as bad as WoW, that's why I gave up on it.
  19. neothespian

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    Dude...I LOVED D and D 3.5, and D20 Modern!!! But, after leaving RoyalFares Corp (the skeevy guys who did those rennisance faires for years), I really couldn't find anyone who wasn't a renfaire reject or just a flat-out malfunctioning freak who was interested in the game as well.

    I mean, I know there are normal folks into it elsewhere, but the proliferation of the online gamming environment has taken the creativity out of gamming. Which is sad. Very :(
  20. Played everquest but after expansion 46, I quit lol. Ive played WOW off and on the past 2 years.