Dunhams 30% off coupon Expire 11/30/2014

Discussion in 'Consumer Reviews' started by jamesray59, Oct 24, 2014.

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    I used to be a BIG Dunham's fan, until the 22LR scare. Then they started lying about when they were getting their supplies. (one of their employees told me they were ordered to do so). Another time I went in said and hello to all 4 employees standing around talking @ the front cash register as I went clear back to gun counter. I stood back there for almost 30 minutes and NOT one person came back to see if I needed anything? As I left, walking past ALL 4 of them, they asked IF I needed any help. I said YES, "help me find another gun store that cared about IF they sold anything", and just walked out & have not been there since!

  3. I know what you mean Melvin. I have had some unprofessional employees as well.
    I don't buy there often but once in a while they have something when bought with the 30% off is a good deal.
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  4. In a case like that I always tell the manager why I am leaving & that I will inform all of my friends how I was treated. :mad:
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    I've bought 3-4 guns there & more ammo than I care to tell my wife! I used to save all my cash register receipts with the discounts on them. I have been the 1st in line on 22LR delivery day numerous times. Just to waste my time when they opened. They said NO truck, NO 22LR & wanted to know who told me & the other 6-8 people in line, they would be in? Went back in 3-4 hours later & the shelves were full of 22LR???
    I thank GOD they are NOT the only place around to buy 22LR!!!
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  8. Thanks Rachgier.
    This will make it easier for everyone.
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