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  1. Just saw the local Dunham's ad for their Sunday and Monday sale. The 995 carbine for $159.99 and the .40 cal for $239.99. Also Mosin M38 for $129.99 and M91/30 for $69.99. Detroit area.
  2. Wow! Those are good priceses.

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    The Dunham's store here in central WI has the same prices. I'm pleasantly surprised at that store. About a month ago they had about the same sale. So I picked up my 995 there. Ammo prices are a bit higher than Wal-Mart, but that store gets less and less of my buisness.
  4. Dunhams here just went under..... not in a great location, and bigger / better stores cropping up - Dick's, Bass Pro. I got my 995 there..... no more I guess!
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    I've never even seen a Dunham's before. It sounds like a pretty good place. I don't like the people that work at the local Dick's, I don't really like Bass Pro either.
  6. .40 cal here at our local ACE dealer is on sale for $198.00. Can't talk my wife in letting get one even at this price. She said something about too many guns already. I let her know that you can never have too many guns.
  7. I have 2 Dunham's locations within a hour of here, but none of the local papers carry their ads. Anyone have scans they can post next time this deal comes around?
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    Unfortunately...I dont have any of those in C.O. and one of the places that sells Hi-points just went under....bummer for those who havent had the pleasure of owning one....that leaves just the Big-R here in Redmond....and they charge a little more....$210 for the 995...and $235 for the .40.....what the *eck are we gonna do now?
    :( :( :cry:
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    Our bigger firearms retailer locally relocated now I have a 30 minute drive to get there, Cabellas is like 60 minutes away...I both bought Hi-Points and both locations.
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    $219.00 at a local Dunhams. Indiana.
  11. Check this site first if you are going to have one shipped in.


    The prices are alot cheeper than any I have seen.

    Hi-Point Hand Guns (Pistols)
    HI-Point 40S&W Fullsized Pistol, 10RD Polymer Design, Durable Frame
    Our Price: 160.14
    Item #6401