Dye a HP frame?

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    I head read about plastic dyes you can do your self, some boiling water and a pack of 5-10 dollar dye is all thats need..

    i've also read it will get into the plastic and not just coat it.

    i know polymer is not exactly the same as plastic but that it is related.
    can polymer frames be dyed? and if so will it loose strength in doing so?

    also what is the metal embedded in the frame for the SN and what looks to be some sort of rail on the front.. i think it's aluminum can anyone confirm?

    Has anyone ever tried to dye a poly frame? how did you do it? how did it turn out? can it be done with any color or do you need white or clear to start with?

    what i want to do is dye my frame on my c9 a deep purple, remove the finish on the slide to a polish, and dye the grips a off white, maybe grey.

    any ideas if this can be done without damaging the frames integrity?, if at all?
  2. Strangerous

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    R/C enthusiasts have been dyeing nylon parts for years, although now that virtually all cars have black plastic parts, it is becoming something of a lost art.

    There's just one point to remember: you can always dye light to dark, but you can't dye dark to light. For example, if you start with yellow parts, you can dye them black or maybe dark green. But you can't dye red parts blue; when you combine those colors, the result is a hideous purple (which is OK, if you're into that).

    I felt bad nobody answered your post, so here's your answer, you can't because it's black, BUT PAINTING IS A WHOLE 'NOTHER STORY!

  3. Joe Sixpack

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    thats what i thought :/

    so i can't take a black frame to a deep purple.. basicly any color i dye it i'll end up with black :/

    this really sucks, are there any paints that will last? i've used spray paint on plastic before it usually scratches really easy.
  4. Strangerous

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    Some folk have duracoat'd their ATI stocks on their C9's... i see you are pretty avid on the forum, PM one of the fellas that have used the stuff, and ask them how it holds up.