EAA Witness Compact 45, a bargain wolf in sheeps clothing

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  1. EAA Witness Compact 45acp
    I have been wanting a double stack 45acp for carry for quite a while now.

    I'm not very comfortable with the whole cocked and locked of a 1911 so I wanted something different but on a budget.

    My dream gun would have been a Sig of some sort but they are just too much money for me right now so I looked for alternatives. One that kept on meeting my criteria. I wanted a steel/alloy frame (I'm not a huge fan of most polymers), double stack, 45acp, compact frame.

    I was looking at a Astra a-100 but it was at a gun show and was sold before I could get it, and parts availably might have been an issue.

    I was really looking for a Sig clone but there isn't too many out there.

    I then discovered the EAA Witness which is basically a CZ75 clone but comes in various flavors including 45acp compact.

    I found one at www.budsgunshop.com and was ready to buy it but I went to the gun show this weekend and found the same exact gun (EAA Witness in 45ACP with the compact frame) for 3 dollars more.

    I also bought a 2nd mag with the filler block (an extended 10 round mag) for shooting at the range.

    Went to the range later that day. I put about 90 rounds though the gun that evening. I didn't have any problems at all except for one FTF and that turned out to be ammo related (one of my 45acp reloads had a chip in the mouth and the jacket split a tiny bit and went over the mouth). Other than that, no problems whatsoever.

    Very happy with the performance of the gun.

    I was also happy with the accuracy of it but I am not a great shot but I was grouping decently (for me anyways). I always seem to shoot semis better than wheel guns for some odd reason and this gun was no exception.

    I shot 100 more rounds the next day with zero problems as well. My buddy shot the gun and loved it as well. He said he would have chosen my Witness over the compact 1911 RIA that he bought if he could have when he bught his 1911.

    So overall I found the gun to be very enjoyable and reliable to shoot.

    A picture of what my gun looks like:
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    They are not bad looking and they dont feel bad

  3. I have the exact same gun (finish and all) in "less than lethal" 9mm. I use it as my primary CCW. Its heavy, but relatively slim and very concealable.

    Everyone that shoots with it loves the comfortable smooth grip and pointability.
  4. My buddy's wife has small hands, she can't handle most double stacks. This one she said she had no problem shooting my gun. My buddy carries a 1911 compact (RIA) and said he liked shooting mine so much that he might think of switching.

    After 200 rounds, my trigger is smoothing out, I'm thinking about honing the wearing parts a tiny bit just to smooth it out even more.