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    I held a EAA Witness in 40sw today. I was only using the pistol for some contrast comparing it to the CZ75 and the XD45. But I was very surprised with the fit and finish on the weapon, and the grip was the best feeling grip I have ever felt on anything. Even better then the 1911 and the XD9. I am hoping to hold a 9mm version of it.

  2. Well I have the 45 version of it. I love mine.

    My buddy who got a RIA 1911 is very jealous of it even though he paid 140 dollars more for his than mine. I paid 370 for mine out the door.

    To me it is one of the best bangs for the buck.

    Mine is the compact metal frame model.

  3. I got the 9mm compact with Wonder finish. Its a bit heavy but everyone that shots it compliment me on it. It very comfortable. Mine is a bit older version that the one you show (dont have rail, adjustable sights) but the grip angle and contour look very much the same.
  4. i'm putting the poly witness compact on my wishing list.