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    I go through hearing protection rather quickly as I usually give hearing protection out at the range to people who didnt bring any. Cheap foamies for the older people who should know better and any extra gel or rubber ear plugs ive got to the young ones.

    I need to resupply. What's everyone's choice in Hearing protection? specifically earplugs?

    Ive tried the old foam cylinders and cones but those make your ears sore w/ extended range sessions and they get dirty quick w/ powder and lead on your hands. But they are very cheap and I usually keep a pack of 30 in my bag for others.

    Ive tried the gel type but dont like the slimy feeling in my ear...I'll pass, too reminiscent of a wet-willy.

    Right now I use EAR ultraFit academy usually has 'em for pretty cheap and they work well for me. but my last pair recently got destroyed.

    Ive got some Paypal money to burn and was looking at an auction for a lot of Moldex rockets, anyone used them? the db rating is good but are they foam,gel, or rubber?
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    Z, do you like plugs, vs muffs?
    I have loads of plugs from my former job at Intel. They are cheap enough to have quite a bit around.

  3. "muffs" over here. And I do mean the ones you put over your ears :lol: .
    Sorry, I do not know the brand off hand. They have a knob for adjustment/s for noise level. They work well for me. The little squeezy ones are fine also but you go through alot, they get dirty when you roll them (did you wash your hands before you rolled/inserted that new pair?), don't like the surprise on them when you pull them out of your ear/s :shock: ...yuck! Well, I know my ears are clean. I would have to say the muffs and also carry some squeezies in your range bag.
    Nothing like a good muff over your head :wink: !
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    After ignorantly shooting w/out plugs I started to double-up using both muffs and plugs, now I just use the plugs (dont have muffs in the military really besides a CVC helmet).

    Shooting w/out ear condoms is a no go...do not allow it...
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    Leave the dirty ones in your pant pockets when you wash your clothes, they clean up pretty good.

  7. I use ear muffs for almost all my range shooting, but if I run off and forget the muffs I keep a good supply of the EAR foam plugs in my range bag and they work well for me. The plastic/rubber ones, first pic, do not provide enough noise reduction for my taste so I avoid them.

    Some of the more expensive reusable plugs come color coded for size, so make sure you get the correct size or you wont get any benifit from using them. Next time you go in for a physical see if your dr can do a fit test for ear plugs, most dr offices that do work physicals offer this but you must ask.
  8. Scriz

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    I just use the muffs supplied by the range. All the ranges I go to are indoor
  9. I use plugs. I have a friend who fits hearing aids and I have him custom fit silicon plugs for me. They work great and the fit is awsome. I also have a pair that have hearing aids. They work as well as expensive shooting plugs but were free.
  10. I use mostly foam, and some rubber. I get them free at work so when I know I am going shooting I just grab a handful. Like z71silverado98 I always take extra to give out to others at the range that don't bring any. So my short answer is whatever is free, but if im buying I usualy get foam.
  11. z71silverado98

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    I much prefer earplugs over ear-muffs. Plugs have an edge for size/comfort/price

    I can easily carry 100s in a small space, where as, I'd need an extra range bag to carry just 4 earmuffs for my group.


    When people return the foamies (which i would say is about %50) I toss them in the front pocket of my range bag, when thats full ive got a small mesh bag w/ a zipper that goes into the wash (not sticking other peoples earwax in my jean pockets, sorry).
  12. Plugs. Foamy kind. Plastic kind. All but the gel kind work for me. Cheap and effective.
  13. Ridge

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    I rent muffs at the range, probably gonna buy some plugs for myself...after an hour or two of shooting, lots of moisture and uncomfort on my ears...
  14. condition1

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    or you might try the pliable waxy kind they sell to keep water out of kids ears. You can pinch off just enough to cover the ear. I use them when shooting by myself out in the sticks cause they work so well I often can't hear the range dude talking over the speaker.
  15. Joe Sixpack

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    i have buckets of ear plugs.. my dad use to work with steel so he would have a new pair every day.. the packrat he was he'd throw them in a bucket.. funny how those ended up coming in handy..

    i use ear muffs though.. a cheap pair i got for like 7 bucks.. they do the trick.. i can still hear the gun shots of course but it's well within manageable... if someone is shooting something loud then i can always double up with ear plugs.. out doors it's not nearly as big a problem.
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    Another using the ear muffs, although I do keep a few pair of plugs in each of my gun cases in case I forget the muffs for some reason.

    They work better, and in the long run really aren't that expensive. I think I bought my last pair for $12, and those were the expensive pair. The ones I bought for my boy were about $7.

    They really keep the noise down much better, but plugs do work well also. You can get the foamy ones at any safety supply store in bulk very affordably.
  17. Ridge

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    I know back when I worked at AutoZone, we had a basket full of those things that we were getting rid of...time came to throw out the rest, so we all just pocketed a ton of them after the manager 0'd out the totals...dont know where they are now, though :p
  18. I have 2 pairs of muffs and shooting glasses in my range bag along with 10 pair of foam plugs. What I use depends on what I'm shooting.
  19. andrew241

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    you can reuse the cheapies. Get a laudry sack or something that you can keep them all in and they wont fall out and run them through with a load of clothes. They will come out nice and clean.
  20. Kelotravolski

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    I went out and bought ear muffs. I was originally using the rolly kind of plugs but eventually the cost was just too much. So for $7 I nabed myself some muffs and I love them. Then for Christmas I got some of those cool ones which amplify sound then turn off when there is a loud noise. so I use those instead. I prefer muffs to ear plugs any day.