Ear protection.. What do you use?

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  1. Plugs and muffs. You get +5-+10 decibels of protection vs. wearing just one.
  2. Ari

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    I am going to try the surefire ones. for $10 how can you go wrong?
  3. gaowlpoop

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    From what I understand, the mechanical protectors that let you hear normal sounds are simply not fast enough to block the impulse noise from a weapon. In other words, they can not close off fast enough to block the impulse.
  4. Back when they were building some loading docks, they gave us earplugs for while the workers were jackhammering. So I just grab a pack or 2 from there when I am knowing I'm going got the range. They don't care that I do that, cause they have no use for them anymore.
  5. Ridge

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    Peltor in-ear plugs...
  6. same here. the plugs i get at work free and the muffs i got at wallyworld.
  7. thanks for the replies... i'm going to try the muffs and plugs... stay tuned...
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    old fashioned ear plugs from the Us Army. I bought "Ear Puffs" for the youngsters and guests.
  9. I use the olive/yellow " Mil Spec" Peltor earplugs.
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    Its okay, his hat shows he is a profeshunial...
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  13. I currently use big-box home supply muffs. However, I already use hearing aids, and I'm considering moving up to something more absorbing to prevent further damage.
  14. I have ear muffs but I hate them. Am thinking about buying a crapload of the disposable yellow ear plugs.