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Early 40 cal Hpoint pistol Mag release bottom of Mag?

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HELLO. 63 yo Vet. Prattville Alabama USA.
Ive purchased" MY first", thru A Local Pawn Shop a rather Worn 40 cal Hi Point Pistol as is where is.

What intrigued me was Its Traveled look. Slide racking was smooth, rifling not to bad, , an a Mag release Personally Ive never Seen on the
Hi Points

. Im by far a Newbie to
HI Point Pistols. However looked at em for 10 years haunting pawn shops,

Lifetime Warranty After First Owner?, Yep. Awsome.

The Mag has a small release bottom of Mag where shooters palm is. NOT, the push button Ive always seen.Mag is all metal resembles a 1911 style.

She looks old School for Certain.

Where Are the After market mags? Lol,,,. So anyone know anyone that can sell me a couple mags. ?
I have a email today off to Hipoint factory to shake their cage.
Im intrigued by this Americian Made Product, pretty much a bygone era.
John Shelnutt
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IberiaXtras. REPAIR PARTS for model JC only.

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