Ebay - barrel cone

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  1. griff30

    griff30 Member

    Im looking for this barrel Shroud!

  2. ^ god help us.

    Looks like somebody wnats their very own carbine form MG-42 :p

    Looks neat though.
  3. Primus

    Primus Guest

    ugh I don't care for that look at all i like yours much better bushman.
    I do plan on getting one of your 995 long flash hiders and rails when i get ahold of a bit more money, hopefully before you up your prices should you choose to do so..
  4. i was just waiting for that one.
  5. I was just kidding about the prices... as long as aluminum prices dont go trough the roof like copper, I think you guys are safe.
  6. Just keep this in mind: 1 Timothy 5:18

    If you need to raise prices to stay around, do it without guilt.

    And, you can all get up off the floor now--yes, it was NDS referring to a Bible reference. Good advice is where you find it, you've got to keep an open mind. :shock:
  7. griff30: Saved! and thanks :)
  8. i like that bell shape gives it a sort of old germon grease gun look ??