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    Pretty sure everything has been covered on the what ifs? How about reality? My job takes me many hours and miles away from home, sometimes days to weeks, so I have to take that into consideration. Does anyone else? I do not carry my AR or any other bad ass long guns. I also "typically" do not carry my favored side arm as I wear a tie frequently and have to tuck. I do however carry daily(modified sub-compact) and also carry a bag daily (with take down "long-arm" for over nights). Ideally I would share mags between my carry and bag. I could actually do this in most situations. I prefer not to. I like my "deep" concealment. I like the gray man approach to SHTF. I do not want a bullseye on me. I want to get home to my family and my other "stuff" that my family more than likely already has deployed.

    As this is a survival discussion....thoughts? Bazookas, RPG's excluded.
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    NE Utah
    I carry my P3AT anywhere, it can fit in front or hip pocket, even in dress slacks. I could carry my new XD SC, I have a holster that allows one to tuck in a dress shirt, like a K-Holster or Alienware. I forget the name, but it's from Texas. Haven't used it yet, gotta give it some trial runs.

    Most briefcases or computer back packs or attaché type cases could easily hide a full size pistol. I've done that.

    I keep a JHP or a 1911 in the truck in a little safe, for times when I feel like I need a more visual display. And I keep a 4595 carbine under the rear seat, because I can.

    If I were really paranoid, I could break down the DelTon and pack it in the car in a suitcase or backpack very inconspicuously. But I never have.

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    What Ajole said. Either get a pocket gun like the P3AT, P32, TCP738, etc., or get a fairly comfortable larger gun like the PF9 or P11 and a "Tuckable" holster. There are a bazillion companies making tuckable IWB holsters. Find one that appeals to you.

    Because I work on Base, I can't CC at work. :(

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Or move to Texas and open carry an AK at the low ready position...(Ducks)
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    Still wouldn't let me bring it on Base. :)

    Peace favor your sword,
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    The Navy has bases in TX?

    All I know is I was harassed for the entire time I lived outside Ft. Hood that the Army calls theirs "Posts" and no other nomenclature will do. Being from Annapolis I just called all military posts "Bases".

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    I work at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base as a DOD Civlian Contractor.

    Peace favor your sword,
  8. M&P Shield 9 and 40 rotated for EDC. I also rotate in my Glock 42 and M&P Bodyguard occasionally.
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    I have a EDC that I like. With a tuckable holster. So that is not an issue. I also have a gun vault in my wheels, so I may stash my .40 there. I used to haul my 4095 in my pickup, now I drive a corp car, so that is out. I just want to get back home in case SHTF and I do not want to be all tacticool on my way. I do want to get there though, so that is why I was asking. I carry a Max Kodiak everyday that has the option of CCW for a larger handgun, but I prefer to keep my breakdown in it and my sidearm on me. Gray man thing again.

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    I appreciate the humor. I can open carry here. We have pretty darn good gun laws. I just prefer not to. OC just seems to beg for unwarranted trouble in my opinion....ducks also

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