Either carry only GLOCKs or everything but GLOCKs

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  1. I remember a word of advice given to me by an older gentleman: If you carry a GLOCK, only carry GLOCKs. His point was you get used to not having any external safeties to disengage, so when you carry a gun that has one you're setting yourself up for trouble. Sure enough, I was at the range today, all excited about my S&W... pull her out, pull the trigger... nothing happens. Puzzled, remember to flick the *$*$ switch to the "fire" position, and then proceed to happily put 50 rounds downrange. Not an issue with me shooting long guns, but I find with handguns as 90% of the time I shoot my GLOCK I'm used to load, rack, fire. Adding "flick safety to "off" position" really screws up my rhythm. I guess if I started a more balanced practice regime I could get used to it, but considering I only carry GLOCK, the other pistols I shoot just for fun.

    I hate to say this, but I also sometimes forget to engage the safety when I reload. Shoot the mag empty, pop in a new one, release the slide, resume firing. Keep forgetting the "safe the pistol" and "unsafe the pistol" steps.

    Thoughts/comments welcome.
  2. the old gentleman was right. practice what you carry, if glock(or hp) is what you want to carry, don't use any safety on all other guns. just my opinion.
    i don't carry because where i live. but c9 and glock are my favorite pistol so even when i use other people's firearm i don't use the safety.

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    SIG pistols with decockers and no external safties (ala P225s) basically function the same as glocks when in double action mode. you can carry interchangably. I always ran with teh school of thought that if you needed to have a safety on to carry it, you probaly need to carry it with an empty chamber. I usually carry chamber empty anyway.

  4. Practice until you react correctly to what's in your hand. I've yet to forget the safety on my 1911s or go hunting for one on my DAO (or a revolver, but it's been years since I carried one of those).

    I never heard anybody say this before Glocks came along. It used to be totally acceptable to carry a revolver or auto daily, then use something else for after hours.

    For example--many cops used to carry medium or large frame revolvers then switch to a small automatic out of uniform.
  5. I can agree with that totally. I like not having to deal with the safeties on my XD.

  6. +1, is why I like revolvers but, the c9 is my my favorite of all my guns.
  7. I hate external safeties. IMO, they exist for only two reasons.

    1) The gun is inherently prone to AD, thus requiring a lever/switch/etc. to prevent it from discharging if bumped the wrong way,

    Or, more likely,

    2) Stupid booger brains can't keep their fingers off the trigger, so you need a safety to prevent a ND when they start playing with it.
  8. Interestingly enough, I've read JM Browning historians who claim he felt the 1911 didn't need the thumb safety. They claim that was added at the insistence of the US Cavalry. He wanted it carried c/o/c/ked using only the grip safety. A line of thought Gaston pursued a few generations later. :wink: