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Ejected case hits lose ammo and sets off primer

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I absolutely would not have believed this without video.

Exactly what the title says. Ejected case hits lose ammo and sets off primer, detonating the cartridge. Doesn't look like any major damage but I'm sure there was some bits-o-brass "shrapnel" going. Not terribly dangerous really, but, well, frankly it's not supposed to work that way.

Peace favor your sword,
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Going off on a tangent here...

Back in the last Century, the South African military (maybe Rhodesians?) came up with a 12 gauge shotgun hand cranked ring device that was mounted on the roof of cargo trucks.

The ring device had multiple 6 inch shotgun barrels placed on the ring pointing outward at different minor angles.

It was operated by the driver or passenger who would turn the hand crank which would spin inside the ring randomly firing the shotgun shells.

Designed to hit attackers out to about 30 yards.

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It's elder, are you surprised? Sometimes I think he watches old episodes of Sons of Guns, thinks it's the History Channel, and then brings it here to tell us a story.
I don't watch TV.

Spend most of my time reading.

Fishing, camping, working on wood projects, sometimes shooting.

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That's not a tangent, that's a completely different topic, wholly unrelated to the OP in any way.
it's sorta related, in a way, in that primers are being hit in a random way..

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Well geez!!! That Means I won the lottery Wednesday because the power ball was 43 and I had 34!!! :p

Close enough right? You must be a blast to play horseshoes with hahaha

j/k man but yeah that was just slightly more than a tangent!!
I am an olt mon these days...

We toss washers instead of hoss shoes.

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