Electronic destroying ants?!?!?! Great....THIS is creepy.

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    unfortunately i'm on my phone so its hard enough to look through the forum. so i can't research this. any validity to it?

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  3. I hope they don't like cold climates, if I'm lucky they wont end up in Michigan too.
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    I love AP!
    They would send the Navy ticker news while out to sea. Its writing style is UNbiased "just-the-facts" style.

    TRIVIA!: It was an Associated Press reporter that was the first US reporter killed in combat covering a war. :1876: Mark Kellogg, a stringer, is the first AP news correspondent to be killed while reporting the news, at the Battle of the Little Bighorn. His final dispatch: "I go with (Commander George Armstrong) Custer and will be at the death."
  5. This could be as devastating, albeit a bit slower, as an EMP attack if it is not brought under control.

    Who/what is to say they aren't real or aren't doing what people say they are doing? Mother nature is still working her ass off to thin out our species. What better way than to have something resilient to OTC pesticides, enjoys nibbling on the electrical/electronic components/devices that we are pretty much dependent on?
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    One of the posters in the engadget article posts links to some PETA videos. Note, these videos are definitely NSFW, but they're pretty good. It's a girl getting nekkid, but the downside is that she's rambling on and on about how bad it is to eat/wear/anything-but-cuddle animals. In case you want to make it better here's what I did: fast forward to 1:50 and start Joan Jett's version of "Do you wanna touch me" and just let it go. Makes it about 1000% better.
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    I do not know about electronic destroying ants, but I do know about electronic destroying ground squirrels! Those son's a b**ch's screwed my car over bad last month! '

    As far as these ants go, if they make their way up this way its 1-800-ORKEN for me.
  8. Got a link? :wink:

    Interesting stuff about the ants. Never heard of those lil' buggers.
  9. http://www.peta.org/feat/stateoftheunion/

    Worth the look, she is a cutie. Like the poster said, skip to about 1:50 and turn the volume down. Then afterwards, get ready to turn off because PETAs propaganda comes on. No matter if it is true to a certain extent, its not fun to watch.
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    I think these are the ones called Crazy Rasberry Ants (no joke). They are resitant to most/all current ant poisons, will eat parts of electronics (I think the insulation on wires), they do eat fire ants (good), but do bite poeple as well (bad). Fortunately, they do not sting (good).

    Currently there is no known way to control them.

    "World Economy" meet "Unintended Circumstance"...
  11. i believe it...thats close to how fire ants arrived here, and we all know those little buggers are real enough.......:)