Electroplating ZAMAK3

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    Alright. I'm interested in experimenting with nickel and/or gold plating on my HP for the ultimate bling appeal. Before attempting this, wanted to see if anyone here has experience with the subject. According to Wikipedia:

    "ZAMAK can be electroplated, wet painted, and chromate conversion coated well"
    I've recently purchased a basic, brush electroplating kit. This one: [/url]http://www.lifetimegold.com/ for a considerable discount.

    So, has anyone here done this and how were the results?
  2. pjm204

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    I have never tried it but I would love to see how it turns out. Wonder what kind of results a hobby kit would give. I have an extra JCP40 slide I wouldn't mind making BLINGG

  3. It should turn out fine, zamak is a close cousin to what is called white or pot metal, which was used on older cars for grills and headlight and taillight covers, and was chromed all of the time.

    I would think as long as you prep the metal good it should work fine.
  4. Whiskey

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    Upon some further research, it seems that zinc alloys must first be copper plated in order to accept nickel, chrome or gold plating. Also, my brush plating kit is not the recommended method for ZAMAK3. Nonetheless, the barrel and chamber shouldn't pose a problem.