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    I got this from my sister and I figured I pass it on to you all

    God Bless Everyone!

    >Dear Lord,
    >Every single evening
    >As I'm lying here in bed,
    >This tiny little Prayer
    >Keeps running through my head:
    >God bless all my family
    >Wherever they may be,
    >Keep them warm and safe from harm
    >For they're so close to me.
    >And God, there is one more thing
    >I wish that you could do;
    >Hope you don't mind me asking,
    >Please bless my computer too.
    >Now I know that it's unusual
    >To Bless a motherboard,
    >But listen just a second
    >While I explain it to you, Lord.
    >You see, that little metal box
    >Holds more than odds and ends;
    >Inside those small compartments
    >Rest so many of my friends.
    >I know so much about them
    >By the kindness that they give,
    >And this little scrap of metal
    >Takes me in to where they live.
    >By faith is how I know them
    >Much the same as you.
    >We share in what life brings us
    >And from that our friendships grew.
    >Please take an extra minute
    >From your duties up above,
    >To bless those in my address book
    >That's filled with so much love.
    >Wherever else this prayer may reach
    >To each and every friend,
    >Bless each e-mail inbox
    >And each person who hits "send".
    >When you update your Heavenly list
    >On your own Great CD-ROM,
    >Bless everyone who says this prayer
    >Sent up to

    GOD bless and Thanks to all you out here