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Anybody ever tried these, looks like they are a bit more "secure" than anythning else out there on a consumer grade radio.


Basically, they automatically hop through 50 frequencies, transmitting for a fraction of a second before hopping to the next one in the sequence. There are 10 Billion different sequences programmed into the radios, without a radio set on the exact same sequence you cannot hear anything useful. A normal scanner couldn't keep up. So far, this particular system is propritary to this manufacturer so it's not very common yet.

Besides voice, you can also send text messages. You can set up a network of radios with both "public" channels everyone can monitor and "private" ones only those you want to include can talk on. "Caller ID" as well, you can tell which radios are talking.

Two big drawbacks I see are the 1 watt power output and the possibly flimsy construction. OTOH, they say the range is comparable to the other conventional radios out there and lets face it, none of these consumer grade radios compares to a mil=spec Motorola.
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