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In order for the Faraday Cage concept to be of any use, you would need a continuous mesh between the beams, the roof etc. Also the 'holes' in the cage, if too large, wouldn't function as desired either. The hole size in a true Faraday Cage are regulated to be smaller than the type of electromagnetic radiation that is expected. If the holes are larger than the wavelength of the radiation frequency, they do nothing to stop it's passage. The simple fact is that there would be enough 'gaps' in your shielding in a normal home due to water piping, electrical conduits etc, to negate any beneficial effect it may have had. Simple beams as normally used in home construction would help, maybe, but is not a true Faraday Cage and would not do what you want.

In any case, a typical homes construction would do little or nothing to shield it's interior from the effects of an airburst EMP, or a low orbit Nuclear detonation,... in case you didn't know, a nuclear device detonated at high altitude functions much like an EMP due to no air pressure being present to absorb the radiation and create the shockwave. Therefor most of it's energy gets distributed as electromagnetic radiation.

Constructing your home of metal beams and grounding it well will do more to protect you from rogue lighting more than anything else.
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