End Of Watch - NYS Trooper Christopher G. Skinner

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    Town of Chenango, NY (WBNG Binghamton) New York State Police announced the death of Trooper Christopher G. Skinner, 42, of Binghamton.

    According to state police, around noon Thursday, Trooper Skinner was outside his police car conducting a routine traffic stop on I-81 north, near exit 6, between Chenango Bridge and Castle Creek.

    He was struck by a passing vehicle and killed instantly, according to state police.

    The driver continued a short distance before stopping and running into the woods nearby. He was taken into custody at shortly after 1:00 p.m. following a search.

    According to the Broome County Sheriff's Office, two other cars were also hit on the highway near exit 6.

    Broome County Sheriff's deputies on the scene said a gray Nissan Altima and an Orange Pontiac Aztec were hit by the white truck. The truck then fled the scene, according to deputies. The Nissan was a rental car.

    This happened just before Trooper Skinner was hit.

    A state trooper on scene told Action News that it's "a tragic day."

    An Action News reporter on the scene said two helicopters responded to the search.

    Meanwhile, the highway will be shut down for the investigation.

    Interstate 81 northbound traffic will be diverted off exit 6 to U.S. Route 11 northbound and back on I-81 at exit 7.

    The Department of Transportation said there is no estimated time for the reopening of that portion of the highway.

    More information will be published as it becomes available.
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    That sucks.... This wasn't another buddy was it?

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    No, merely an acquaintance from Troop C in Kirkwood. I only met him while working a handful of mutual-aid calls to MVA's and med calls with my old ambulance company. His beat was mainly the eastern side of the I-81 corridor.

    What pisses me off is the driver tagged 2 cars, killed the Trooper, and tried to drive away but his truck was shot so he bolted in to the woods. I give the guys who caught him some credit because I'm sure they were extremely tempted to take "the long way" out of the woods.
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    Just saw this little gem as I was checking my news feed.

    State trooper murder suspect: 'There had to be a time warp'

    Town of Chenango, NY (WBNG Binghamton) The man who is charged with intentionally hitting and killing a New York State Trooper is now behind bars and charged with first-degree murder.

    Almond Upton, 60 of Melrose, Fla., is officially charged with the murder of state trooper Christopher Skinner.

    Police said Upton was driving a 2014 white Toyota pick-up truck on Interstate 81 North Thursday afternoon when he swerved to hit Skinner on purpose.

    On his way into Town of Chenango Court for his arraignment Thursday night, Upton told Action News he wasn't sure why he did it. But on the way out after he was officially charged with murder in the first degree, he told a different story.

    "I was two miles away from the Connecticut border, and all of a sudden I'm in Binghamton New York, being beamed to New York," Upton said.

    "The cop that got killed, I don't know how it happened, there had to be a time warp. Honestly, I'm not bull****ing. I have proof in Connecticut. It's a time warp or something had to happen," Upton added.

    Action News spoke to Upton's next-door neighbor in Florida, Michelle Weeks, who described him as dramatic, but overall was a nice guy.

    The neighbor also said Upton has a wife and son in Melrose.

    He is currently being held in the Broome County Correctional Facility without bail.
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    The ole I'm insane so I can't get the death penalty ploy.
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    what the hell would make a guy who's stable enough to have a brand new pickup suddenly decide to run down a trooper? makes me wonder if he might have a brain tumor or something.