Enfield 2A in .308 Nato

Discussion in 'Curio & Relic Zone' started by bamaboy06, Oct 15, 2007.

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    I finally got my Enfield .308.I took it apart and i am currently removing all of that wonderful cosmoline.I cleaned the bore first just to check the condition of it and it looks great.Nice and shiny.From the looks of it,I don't think that it ever saw much action.I plan on getting one of the synthetic stocks from Benny.I will try and post some pics of it today after I get it put back together.Overall,I think that I got a pretty good deal for $100.
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    Dang....I think you got a good deal. I am coming from the ammo availability side of things. Ari will chime in here soon, as he seems to have some experience with Enfields. :)

  3. Good going. Can't way to see it!
  4. the real question is how bad was the wood?

    If I had more cash to throw around right now i'd definitely pick one up.
  5. bamaboy06

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    Actually the wood is not that bad.I was expecting it to be in really bad condition,but it's not.Since I have cleaned it up the wood looks even better.I've got everything cleaned up and I am about to put it back together.I will post pics soon.
  6. sweet. I still want one.
  7. I've been going back and forth about buying one lately. If you get the chance to post pics it might help move me to my decision. I'd love to see some groups, too.

    I know, I'm demanding. :D
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    I got it cleaned up and put back together and I have some pics posted in the Gun Gallery.I really don't think that the pics do it justice.They coated all the metal with black paint and it is going to take some more cleaning to get all of it off.I cleaned all of the cosmoline out of it and most of the black paint and of course by then I was just itching to shoot it.This one was made in 1968 according to the stamp on the metal behind the trigger guard.Thanks for the link Ari.
  10. Anybody remember which ATI stock is supposed to fit the 2A?

    We talked about it on the "old" forum, but I'm not sure.
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