Entry level 22lr semi auto/pistol?

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  1. Smaug

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    I'm thinking of adding a 22lr semi auto or pistol, but dont want to spend an arm and a leg. Can I have your suggestions please. I have a Kahr CW9 and a Hi Point 45.

  2. Depends on the type and price range. The JA-22 is inexpensive but is NOT a target gun. Some of the SA revolvers are around the 200 mark and have fair to good accuracy. A Ruger is around 300, about the same for a S&W I believe.

    Ruger is probably the best bet.

  3. Phoenix HP22A

    mine has been flawless, $120.00 with a lifetime warranty. you can get 3 or 5 inch barrels.

    It dosnt have ruger mark series kind of accuracy, but its more accurate than I am.

    I would call it "minute of pop can" at 25 yards

    in other words, it might not group like a rifle, but it will hit what your aiming at.

    my experience has been only with the 3inch barrel.
  4. Smaug

    Smaug Smaug Member

    Thank you both. Good info to have. I'm curious though, what makes the JA 22 not for target shooting. It shoots straight doesn't it?:confused:
  5. I'd recommend a S&W 22A or a Berretta Neos. Both start around $229 and up depending on options. I have a 22A with 7" barrel and have never had a problem with it.
  6. Back2School

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    I love my Ruger Mark II as a target gun, it just is so different from my other guns I dont feel like I am practicing with it. But IMHO, you cant go wrong with a Ruger.

    That being said, my next .22 will probably be a S&W M&P .22 so I can practice without using up my .40 ammo :)
  7. cicpup

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    A used Ruger Mark II will run you around the $300 mark. But it's accurate as all get go, quite possibly the most reliable semi .22 you'll find, and your grandchildren will get to pass it down to their grandchildren.
  8. SWO1

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    I have two of the S&W 22 A1 pistols. One a slab side and the other a bull barrel that came with wood target grips. No tools to break down and they both run about anything I feed em. They are both 5" barrels but the 7" goes right on. Pretty good shooters at 50' bullseye.
  9. undeRGRound

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    It's a pocket pistol, short barrel, short sight radius...

    This could be pocket OR target, with the longer barrel(s)

    What was your purpose for this 22?
    A Ruger Mark series, or revolver is for target shooting, but for carry,
    I'd suggest the JA22, Phoenix, Taurus PT22, or other smaller pocket gun.
    And only as a B.U.G. (back-up gun) since it is 22lr.
    If you want one of these as a primary, I'd do a lot more research on it.
    But certain 22lr loadings can and do exceed everything up to a 32 ACP.
    In the right gun, that is.

    I'd like to see an interchangeable barrel like the Phoenix that handled
    HV 22lr, but Phoenix says HV i not recommended, unfortunately... :(
  10. Smaug

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    Thank agains all.. this would be a target, fishing tackle box kind of gun, like I said earlier I have a Kahr9 and a HP45 as primaries.
  11. SteveC

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    The Ruger or the S&W 22A are both very good choices. The S&W is cheaper. And easier to take down.
  12. duster066

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    I'll throw in with the Ruger 22/45 and the Smith 22A. Both have been excellent guns. The Ruger is the better of the 2. I've also bought for gifts, and shot both, Heritage Arms Rough Riders. Both 6.5" and one with the 22mag cylinder option. Both are great shooters and they give that cowboy action feel. The 22mag can make a nasty home defense gun for cheap. I just traded my 22A for my antique Winchester project so I need another 22 pistol. I'm going to get a Rough Rider 22mag with the 9" barrel. Great rabbit gun, US made, life time warranty IIRC, 230 bucks, can't go wrong!
  13. nadodave

    nadodave the Great Member

    I love my Beretta Neos.
  14. undeRGRound

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    The ones all listed above (target style) are good choices, but I held and
    fondled a Browning Buckmark Camper, it has all the features of a MarkIII Ruger, at less money. Very very nice trigger, (~2.5#) and the one locally was only $325-ish

    Just another one to check out, I'm no expert by a long shot... :cool:
  15. kevin6154

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    I owned one bout 10 years ago. Loved it! The longer barrel is defiantly worth the extra $$ also the mag w the extended bottom helps accuracy. Worth the dough!

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    Btw the hp22 works best w cci stingers.

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  17. Very short sighting radius, minimal sights. At close range it would be fun, but if you are serious and on a budget the Ruger and S&W is where I would spend.

    My wife has a JA 380, good little CC gun. Cannot be seen at all with a belt holster or shoulder holster, and it works all the time. But it is for last ditch close range self defense, she carries it at work. For target shooting she has a HP CF380, good sights, accurate. Currently we do not have a 22lr pistol. I have owned Rugers in the past, extremely good guns for the money.

    But the price is low on the Phoenix arms 5 inch 22, and have heard a few reviews that it is reasonably accurate.
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  18. Dagwood

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    The longer the barrel, the more accurate the pistol. My sister has a phoenix arms 25 auto pistol and its a nice little shooter. It's not a target pistol though. I think it's the 3 inch barrel.
  19. undeRGRound

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    ...but against Phoenix Arms recommendations, from what I have seen...

    Is this true, Kev? If they were rated for that, I'd get that over the JA22
    I've been eyeballing :D
  20. Not2ManyGuns

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    Yes, The Ruger Mark II. All steel handgun.