Epic fail!

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    So I decided to try my hand at the do-it-yourself ballistic gel. I couldn't find the unflavored Knox gelatin so I just bought a giant mess of store-brand flavored Jell-O. Mostly cherry. I followed the online how to recipes and made 3 gallons worth in a large plastic sterilite container. Basically a giant Jell-O jiggler. Or so I thought. I set it up overnight in the fridge and when I took it out to the range it had a consistency just as wet as regular Jello. Not sure why but it definitely wasn't as thick and stiff as the stuff was supposed to be. I decided to try to shoot it anyway. The first-round blew it into a giant red puddle. It splattered all over.

    I guess the lesson is that I actually have to go find the regular unflavored Knox gelatin.

    Lesson learned.

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  2. Too bad you didn't record a video of that. That would have been hilarious
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    Did you at least blow it up with one of your reloads?
    Tell the other guys you loaded it “kinda hot”.
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    Or tell them he developed a custom 9mm round that puts 10mm to shame.
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    actually, yes. That was the whole point of trying it. I bought some hard cast lead hollow points that claim they'll expand at pistol velocities. I wanted to find out. Sadly, I could not find the bullet to verify if it was true or not.

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  6. SWAGA

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    I think you could claim they expanded alright.
    The evidence is clearly there.
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  7. IIRC, you use a lot less water with regular jello.... o_O
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    if they had drilled a 9 mm hole through it the way FMJ does I doubt it would have exploded like that. The circumstantial evidence seems to imply either expansion or fragmentation. but without being able to have a good medium or recover the bullets I don't know how much or little they may have expanded, if they fragmented, or how deeply they may have gone.

    So, while there is evidence of some sort of hydrostatic upset, it is not proof. I would have liked that. I'll have to try again later.

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  9. lklawson

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    I did. Roughly 3 times less, unless I miss calculated.

    I used 57 oz. of jell mix (about 19 three oz boxes) to the 3 gallons.

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  10. Rachgier

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    2 cups of water per 3oz pack at 19 packs is 38 cups of water.
    16 cups in a gallon with 3 gallons is 48 cups of water.

    You went way the hell overboard.
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  11. lklawson

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    For regular Jello, yes. But most of the online instructionals say that for the do-it-yourself "ballistic gel" using Knox gelatin to use around 16 oz of powder per gallon.

    Yet it still wasn't thick like DIY ballistic gel. My only conclusion is that it must be the flavor Jello packets and I have to use the unflavored Knox powder.

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  12. I really don't think the flavor would have anything to do with it. I would start small - use one packet with 1/2 the water in a red Solo cup. Check the consistency then adjust and remake accordingly. Once you have an acceptable consistency on a small scale then scale it up and you should be ok. I say 'should' because some recipes don't scale on a linear basis. Happens a lot in cooking. But for sure don't start out with a 5g bucket when first making it. Never try a new recipe you've never done on anyone you want to impress - always do a small test run.
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    NE Utah
    Regular Jello brand gelatin is probably over 90% sugar by weight. You needed to cut the water a LOT. When you make the “jigglers”, you use just more than half the normal water, like Chef Duane said.
    But if you used Sugar free, the weights are different, even though the water requirement is the same. So...maybe that would have worked better using your weight ratios?

    Point being, doing “Jello” by weight was a mistake, relative to “gelatin”.
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  14. lklawson

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    To quote myself from my first post, "I guess the lesson is that I actually have to go find the regular unflavored Knox gelatin." :) :D

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    Instead of complicated gelatin mixture, it might just be easier to use leather over pork ribs, followed by pork steak pectorals, a bag of oranges to simulate lung tissue, followed by more pork ribs, all surrounded by a t-shirt, and followed by a high-tech fleece bullet stop.
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    And yet every one I've seen calls for a second melt down and remold to get the air bubbles out created by the stirring during the first set period and increase the density. Did you do a remelt and mold, or just pour straight in and call it good?

    Not to mention the fact that if you knew regular jello was crap at 2c:3oz, why would you then increase the water? If anything you should have seen what the base recipe did or decreased the water.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    mISQUOTED THERE..............
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    You beat me to it, Trashy
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  19. lklawson

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    I didn't. I decreased the water. I increased the ratio of powder to water by more than 500%

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  20. lklawson

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    Because that wouldn't tell me what I wanted to know.

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