European gun laws

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by wizard, Sep 22, 2015.

  1. wizard

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    Currently I'm in the country of Norway, visiting my parents who live here
    and working at the same time. They have higher wages here so I have
    been welding my heart out this summer to earn some extra cash.
    Hopefully I will be back in the States by next month.

    Anyway to the point of this thread. The gun laws over here are very
    strict so it makes me appreciate the freedoms we have in America.

    Here in Norway, if you want a firearm.. you must join a club first. It
    costs $300 - $400 at first and you must pass a two day training course.
    The next six months is your trial period in which you shoot the clubs
    22 pistols.

    After that period you can document that your a faithful member of the
    club and have had some training. They send off the paperwork to the
    police and you sit and wait hoping they approve what you asked for...

    You have to have a safe at home either a pistol safe bolted to the floor
    or one that weighs 300 kg.

    Since I was here for just a short period I had no desire to go through all
    of that process. Just makes me appreciate things more back home.
  2. Take a gander at where I live right under my avvie and then complain lol.

  3. Dane

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    Seems to be one extreme or the other. Other countries they are walking around with full auto AKs. Of course, who would want to be there?
  4. lklawson

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    Most of the people on this board would love to be able to purchase and carry a "full auto AK."

    I still think the Feds could generate a decent revenue by re-opening the Tax Stamp on FA firearms. Set it at $200 (or whatever) and you'd generate a billion dollar industry and huge new Federal revenues.

    Peace favor your sword,
  5. Have you heard of the the Hollis V. Holder law suit?

    It's receiving a lot of friction even from pro gun people. Because rich guys with machine gun rentals and millions in collections do not want there happy switches to become almost worthless by compare.

    I may make a thread about it today. Haven't seen much chatter on here about it.
  6. lklawson

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    Only vaguely. I've read a synopsis.

    I'll save the discussion for your thread.

    Peace favor your sword,
  7. How sweet. and keeping it on topic here.

    We are really evolving. :splits:
  8. wizard

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    Flyboy, I kow how it is I belonged to a UK air gun forum before. Everything set at 11 ft lbs but at least you get the .177, .22 and .25 calibers. Here in Norway .177 is unlimited but you have to have a gun safe for the other larger calibers.
  9. Outlaw

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    Hey Flyboy,
    I lived in RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge near Ipswich for 3 yrs. We had a rod & gun club on base. I belonged to it the entire time. You can only own and shoot shotgun over there unless you are one of the more elite. I actually got to go on a pheasant hunt over there with the blokes. I won a Remmy Pump .308 my last year at our club shoot. The Bobbies escorted me to the PO and watched me ship it out back home in the good ole USA. Six months later when I arrived at my mom's house I opened the box and the barrel was bent on the rifle. I still think the bloke cops in the PO did that before it left country. Really sucked dude :mad:
  10. dynapoint

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    Yup. But those are mostly lawless societies. I'm not sure most people here would want to be in a society where every bozo and nut case is carrying a full auto AK. Half of all people are "below average", and I don't necessarily trust their judgement. I suppose eventually the nutters get wiped out, but whoever shoots first has the advantage, and there may be a lot of collateral damage before natural selection takes its course.
  11. undeRGRound

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    Ask your next Prez... Plano Steve!

    FA is mainly a waste of good ammo... I believe we should bave FA, but I would
    not "flip the happy switch" all that much. Just me personally... ;) ;)

    F'in Limeys :mad:
  12. lklawson

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    See? Propaganda DOES work!

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
  13. I think that M16/M4 would be a much better choice then AK's for everyone. If for no other reason, they are the standard US arm.

    For SAWs and IARs, the Ultimax 100 and Jim Sullivans redesign of the Armalite to being a constant recoil force firearm are the way to go.

    As there have been background checks for all commercial transfers for a few decades, there is no reason for any of the NFA laws.
  14. Think1st

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    Those societies, while generally violent because of the lack of institutional capacity and the associated state-provided security apparatus, aren't really faced with daily reenactments of the OK Corral shooting. Everyone is armed because individuals have to provide their own security, and there are usually tribal structures that can create mini wars if someone shoots someone else.

    The presence of weapons generally promotes certain levels of courtesy, while the consequences of murdering someone also keep people from making use of those weapons too recklessly. If, theoretically, we had our society grant Constitutional carry, and people decided to choose full-auto rifles as their EDC accessories, there would be no more of a chance of illegal shootings than there would be if they all carried pistols.

    Just opening fire would be either instantly lethal for the instigator, or it would result in him committing suicide before his inevitable capture if he did try to escape. The idea that carrying full-auto rifles would make people behave any differently than they would if they carried pistols is pretty questionable.

    Negligent discharges would probably be the biggest problem, but increased aggression wouldn't result.
  15. No gun and rod clubs here anymore. There IS a British clay shooting association across from Lakenheath, but it's expensive as Hell to join. And your average Mossberg 500 here costs well over $500, and that's on the cheaper side.