Ever brown bagged a 1911?

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  1. Strangerous

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    Ever took a 1911 apart and not remember how to put it back together? How about a buddy of yours?

    I normally hate youtube vids when it comes to how-to's but lately i've been liking striker1's lead casting, and this: [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4P4XJTKzKEU[/ame]
  2. There's a few good how too ones on 1911s on there. There's one particular one wherre the guy is breaking down and putting back together a norinko and does a fantastic job in the video. So no, never had to brown bag one, I can't just give up, I'll stay up till 4 in the morning if I have to, watching videos, reading guides, and figure it out. Part of that is me not likeing to take something apart and walk away from it for fear of losing parts, another part is my 1911 is my baby and is my #1 line of defense.

  3. elguapo

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    I have taken mine down to the frame and trigger. The only sticky part was the safety and sear.
  4. My only issue is getting that darned firing pin and retainer clip back in!
  5. Wow, that looks pretty hardcore to put back together from the frame. I'm to spoiled with my little hi-point i guess.
  6. I think that video is awesome.
  7. Silicon Wolverine

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    ive had a few guys show up at my door with a S&W revo in a bag and a pleading look on thier face.

  8. Spoken like a true believer :D