Ever so pist - roof on fire due to fireworks

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  1. I was fuming mad yesterday and only the pre-occupation of having to put out the fire on my roof kept me from doing something I would end up regretting.

    Its 11 pm, the wife and I were sitting at home watching the new years celebrations on TV. All of the sudden, my neighbor starts shooting off fireworks in the street, done this before as long as his done by 1230 I'm ok with it. Well yesterday was windy and all the sparks were clearly flying towards my house and pine trees.

    So at 1115 my wife says, lets go upstairs and at least see the fireworks. I said, lets go outside so we can get a better view. She goes and gets her jacket, I step outside and see a strange orange glow on the side of my house.... look over and MY ROOF IN ON FIRE!!!

    I immediately access the situation. Fire is small, contained in some leaves on the roof (about a 2 foot circle). I go grab the water hose, rip off the watering attachment and spray it down. All is over in about 10 seconds but it felt like half an hour trying to get the water out of the hose. By the time my wife comes out is all over.

    I immediately walk over to my neighbor and tell him, "Stop shooting those fireworks, my roof was on fire!!!". He has the audacity to tell me "I only got 3 left."

    I confront him and tell him "You stop right now, my roof was on fire."

    Neighbor "Oh, it must have been those kids" (kids are about 5 houses down with ground fireworks)

    Me "I see one more spark anywhere near my house and the next person you will be talking to is the sheriff".

    He got really quiet then, asked his kid to bring in the box of fireworks.

    Now, please don't think it was that civilized, I used many expletives when talking to him. Wasn't trying to be rude, was just a little pissed off that he did not comprehend the seriousness and severity of the situation. Needless to say that I spent the next half hour trying to calm my paranoia down by wetting down the rest my roof. Luckily, fire was contained to leaves only, no fire damage.

    I used to dislike alot of things in life, but now that I'm older and I bit wiser I know I only hate one thing, stupid people.
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    i would have called the sherriff first and had the stupid idiot arrested for destruction of property and reckless endagerment.


  3. Sorry to hear about that. Glad to hear you caught it early.

    I had a neighbor set our place on fire once burning trash on a very windy day(burnt whole field and damaged out buildings) and while I and the rural fire dept were fighting the fire, she walks up the road, looks and turns around and walks away.

    I am ashamed to say I got her with a pretty good sized rock.

    And she payed for the rural fire depts fees.
  4. Wow, I woulda have gone off the deepend and if the shingles were even scortched the slightest, he would have been paying to have it all fixed.
  5. You know, that is the proper thing to do, but my neighborly instinct kicked in. Trying to keep the peace, also, I think almost everyone deserves one warning.
  6. Not when they set your house on fire they dont. But I admire your efforts to be as civil as possible about it.
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    You might call your homeowners ins co. and have them get a property damage adjuster to inspect for any apparent or hidden fire/smoke damage to the roof structure and sub roof areas to incude the attic. If there is any and they pay any claims, they will be subrogated or able to collect their amount paid and your deductible, from the responsible party.
  8. Here is the thing, how can I prove it was him. Yes, his the only one around with aerial works and they were falling on my property, but all evidence is burnt off..... only witnesses was my wife, myself and him.

    I just checked the shingles.... no damage is apparent.... like I said, I think caught it very early.

    Also, here is the interesting thing. Some people may call it a coincidence, or a series of unrelated events, but I call it my guardian angel. My wife has been asking for weeks to plan something for new years, go out on the town, or go meet with some friends or what ever. Well, I had some car problems last week and our only mode of transport is in the shop. My wife wanted to look at the fireworks trough the window upstairs but I insisted we go outside. Also, the bulb in my porch was burnt out.

    Now, if the car was not in the shop, we would have not been here. If my wife would have not wanted to see the fireworks we would not have gotten up. If I would have not wanted to go outside, we would have not seen the fire from our widow. Finally, if the light bulb would have been out, I would have not seen the fire reflecting on the wall. Coincidence....I think not.
  9. Oh, man, glad to hear everyone is okay, and that there was no serious damage.

    I had a neighbor once that aimed his fireworks so that the expended casing fell in my back yard. Gave my beagle who was in the back yard a fit. I just picked all of them up and dumped them over the fence into his yard. Nothing there to help you, but extra poinbts for being so civilized about it.
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    Just next time when hes not setting off fireworks, set off some mortar shells and firecrackers right in front of his house about 12:00 at night...
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    get a nice big long strand of black cats in a old tin pot. That should do the trick.
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    a little thing called tannerite comes to mind....

  13. Wow, remind me not to get you guys pist off.

    Maybe something a bit more devious... he does have a pool.... hmmmm.... know where I can get 200 lbs of gelatin mix?
  14. Sounds like you did the right things all around. You said he’s done it before so you were okay with it then and now. Real accidents do happen and the good news is you caught this one before it got real bad. The neighbor deserves a wedgie for not having a fire watch and for wanting to finish the final 3 - instead of being as horrified as you were. You get A’s in my book.

    Problem with calling sheriff first is you’ll always be the neighbor that called the cops and payback is a b****. Also, the comments, “Why didn’t you just come talk to me?†And….â€You were fine with this last time we did itâ€. His job now that the dust settled is to knock on your door and ask if all is well with the roof and with your relationship - do the man thing and move on.

    We do July 4 every year - some major stuff. Given my background I always check wind, do one at a time, have 2 or more fire watches and clean up every shred afterward. All part of being a “good†neighbor.
  15. I was never "fine" with it, I just tolerated it cause I like fireworks too (to cheap to buy them, but I sure do enjoy them). Also, twice a year is no big deal.

    Now, as far a a fire watch, well, the fire started in the back of my house... so unless he was in my back yard, as I was, nobody would have seen it untill it was way to late. Take into account that we live in a residential neighborhood. Its not like there is a clear field across the street or anything. Houses left right, front and back of us. Also, lots and lots of trees.

    The guy is an incosiderate idiot (I wont even start with the reving up of his motorcycle). If I see him with aerial fireworks again, I will tell him to stop and go somewhere else. If he does not, sherif time.
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    Your neighbor sounds like the sort of person who drives down the freeway at rush hour while text messaging. :roll:
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    I like my fireworks and shooting them off. But this guy has no brains. He should have seen where the embers were falling a stoped at once. Too bad thing like that happen.
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    You are right. Think I will go tell my neighbors right now not to catch my house on fire or else. That way I got the one warning out of the way. :D
  19. There's an idea, I'll go ahead and do a blanket warning to the neighborhood not to catch my house on fire, and while I'm at it, not to break into my house because I might get jittery and fire, but since I've warned them ahead, I'm good to go! If only it worked that well.