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  1. I tried several times to go to the site and this is what I kept getting Sorry

    The web site you are accessing has experienced an unexpected error.
    Please contact the website administrator.

  2. Just go to the main site, poll is on the bottom center:

    Should cities have the right to ban guns?

  3. Thanks bushman, wow, that is my local tv channel! I cast my vote. No is barely winning the poll.

    One thing is, Tulsa, OK has a LOT of killings and murders for a town of its size.

    Of course I do not believe that gun control is the answer, but putting the bad guys in jail and keeping them there is
  4. No is up by 11% right now. That is way too close for my comfort. Typically I have seen national support at 65-70%, so lets hope this poll is an anomaly.
  5. NO is winning by a narrow margin: 53%. On the same site I read about the LA woman who was shot to death by a burglar while she was on the phone with 911. Just one more that would have been alive had she a gun and the law on her side.
  6. It seems there are too many anti gun individuals voting yes. Atleast we can do our part.
  7. no...44
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    I wonder what the poll would be at if it asked:

    Should cities have the right to ban free speach?
  9. The poll is useless. I was able to vote over and over and over. Now much value in seeing who has the most time to vote their way. I'd find a lot more validity in it if everyone was able to vote once.
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    Who would be prepared to take their guns and their tax money to a different state/city if an affecting gun ban were passed.....?

    Obviously one person would not be able to change state or local law but all governments function on tax money. Depending on where you live and where you buy, one could effectively remove their entire income from a regional economy. City and state governments use many different methods to entice growth (usually dealing with commerce and even things like free land for new homes in some places)......it could work either way. City wide gun bans would be attractive to some while I will not live in a city/state/country where such a fundamental right was absent.

    I am not suggesting that this would be the ultimate answer for such a case but in the end, consumers (educated and Democrats alike :D )control nearly everything.

    Please add your own insight.....though I think there is little danger of it, the POSSIBLE ruling in DC could be a significant precedent.
  11. I've thought of moving to a friendlier State
  12. F*$^'n liberal terrorists!!!! I would move hands down!!! Michigan is already killed by the hand of a governor who turned her back on every thing the state had to market. Soon the State parks are going to suffer drastic inclines in their rates. Since they killed the auto market now they have to kill the tourist market too.
    If the city is given the power to crap on our for fathers who gave their lives to give us the right to bare arms, then I will move with out a second thought. If they try and take my rights, then they are the true terrorist and should be killed under the war on terrorism blanket that the government likes to hide under. Seems to me America's biggest threat is inside our boarders. America used to stand united, but now many Americans are affraid to stand for anything! Stand for something or fall for everything!
  13. Here's the thing man; by calling the people who don't agree with you "terrorists" you have already lost the battle. As soon as you say something like that, people who don't agree with you tune you out right away. Yes, I know that most people like to say "I like what I like, and if you don't like it, you can kiss my @$$!" but the fact is that you don't live in a nation by yourself. You live in a society, and if you want to affect change in a society, you have to try and change the minds of those who don't agree with you.

    No, you won't be able to change everybody’s mind, some people will simply never budge, but you don't HAVE to change all their minds. You just have to try and be reasonable.

    I think that's where we are all losing this battle. Instead of trying to reason with people, we to often just complain about those "crazy commie liberal terrorists tree huggin gun grabbers" and leave it at that.

    Again this is all my humble opinion, but I think our best course of action is to do our best to be reasonable but stand firm with those who do not agree with us.
  14. Yes



    Total: 17369 votes
  15. Had a poll like that on one of our local channels Weds...

    91% no
    9% yes

    Really surprised me...:D
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    The way I see things is like this. If you take away our handguns and make it illegal to have. Then you are actually increasing crime. Because people will buy stolen handguns and ones come by other illegal means to protect themselves and their family. I have been a gun owner since 10 and a handgun owner since the day I turned 21. Nobody will stop me from protecting family and myself .