Evil Kneivil RIP

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    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    Yup Evil K is gone! No more wild jumps to watch anymore :cry:
  2. The first is always the best. May he rest in peace....... but I believe some how he's building another ramp somewhere!

  3. This is a bummer, he was always a very colorful individual. Never a dull moment with Evel around
  4. elguapo

    elguapo Guest

    My friend met him in Kingman once...they talked cars for about half an hour...he didnt even know till half way through the conversation that it was Evel...
  5. doktor

    doktor Guest

    Just real glad he got right with God before he got on that last jump.
  6. No atheists in the foxholes :wink:
  7. The one and only, may he Rest In Peace!
  8. See ya on the other side, ya crazy arse bastage! :D :wink:
  9. Silicon Wolverine

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    heroes get remembered, but legends never die.