Excam Tararmi TA90 CZ-75 clone (9mm)

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  1. My LGS has an pre-ban Excam Tararmi TA90 9mm with two 15 round mags and the original box. They have it tagged at $280 but they offered to sell it to me for $250.
    I really am not looking for another gun right now, but the fact it's a pre-ban high capacity pistol that is grandfathered here in mAssachusetts has got me itching.
    I know these are CZ-70 clones and were marketed as both Excam TA90 and FIE TZ75; I've read mixed reviews on them ranging from "awesome" down to "POS".

    Can someone talk me into it :D or talk me out of it? :mad: All kidding aside; if you have some experience with these I'd love to hear more... Thanks!
  2. ajole

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    Buy it. It's made by Tanfoglio, copy of the CZ 75, like the newer EAA Witness series, but all steel. Should be good and tight, smooth, and probably is DA/SA with decocker? My favorite action type.

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    If it is half as good as my CZ 75 it will be a good gun. Most of POS is from CZ snobs
  4. If your in a commie state I would say buy it. The biggest down side is going go to probably be aftermarket parts but if you can't get a newer Cz your better off sending a gun like that off to someone like CGW it have Cz parts fitted if u want to mod it up.
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    Buy it if you can!

    You will love it.

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    I know I said it on another forum but, it sounds like a good buy. As I noted there and Ajole noted here, EAA is still importing a very similar gun that is pretty well respected in the gun community.
  7. Took another look at it and discovered the take down lever was busted in two. Kinda ruined the mood. :-(
  8. The slide stop? If so that is one of the weak point on cz's along with the trigger return spring. But Cz makes a couple different type of slide stops so u could get the one that fits ur needs.

    Talk them down in price a little, the gun won't run without that part so its a parts gun as is.
  9. Yup, it's the slide stop. I did a little research and I believe I've found a source for the part (I hope so, anyway!) so I went back to the shop to have another look at it.
    I made an offer and we struck a deal. There's just something about having a grandfathered pre-ban hicap pistol (15 rounds) in mAssachusetts.

    Other than the broken slide stop/takedown lever the pistol looks to be in really good shape. :)

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    Must. Have. Pics...


    Peace favor your sword,
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    Parts Diagram:

    Peace favor your sword,

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  12. Thanks! That's the best diagram I've seen so far. :)
  13. Called up EAA and they have the part in stock; it arrives today :)
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    Man, that is about as good a deal as one can find, IMHO.
    Well done!
  15. Looking forward to a range report