Exclusive: We Test The Armatix iP1, The Not-So-Smart Gun

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    From America's First Freedom online magazine

    Exclusive: We Test The Armatix iP1, The Not-So-Smart Gun

    by Clay Turner, Creative Director and Frank Winn, Guns & Gear Editor - Thursday, November 12, 2015


    In May 2014, NRA staffers secretly tested the Armatix iP1, the so-called “smart gun” that at the time was causing a furor among both media and gun owners nationwide. What we found was disappointing at best, and alarming at worst.

    NRA sent a team of firearm experts to an undisclosed range (at the request of our hosts) to do real-world tests of the iP1. To our knowledge, NRA is the only organization that has actually conducted real-world tests of the iP1 under range conditions.

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  2. My favorite parts
    The Armatix pistol initially required a full 20 minutes to pair with the watch, even with the aid of an IT pro trained in its use. Without pairing, the Armatix functions like any other handgun, capable of being fired by anyone.

    Once paired, a “cold start” still requires a minimum of seven push-button commands and a duration of 12 seconds before the gun can be fired.

    While the gun holds a maximum of 11 rounds (10+1), the best our experts could manage was nine consecutive rounds without a failure to fire (and that only once). Three or four misfires per magazine were common, despite using various brands of ammunition.

    Although the Armatix has a decent single-action trigger, it has the worst double-action trigger we’ve ever tested, requiring more force than any other pistol we’ve fired.

    The pistol must be within 10 inches of the watch during “start up.” This slows and complicates the use of the pistol if one hand is injured or otherwise unavailable.

    The design of the Armatix’s hammer prevents it from being safely thumbed forward.

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    My favourite part was the $1700 price tag for pistol AND watch.

    AND, the third party kill switch which DID function...