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  1. Hey guys just wanted to say I got my concealed carry permit in the mail today. I will be carrying my C-9 in a fobus until I can afford the xd-9 that I have had my eye on. Guess I will be going to the range this weekend to get some practice. I need to get used to drawing and firing etc before I start carrying.
  2. Practice, practice, practice and more practice. Some ranges do not allow drawing a loaded gun, you might check first.
    I put some snap caps in the mag and practiced at home before I went to live ammo at the range.

  3. The range I go to does allow drawing a loaded gun, but the snap caps are not a bad idea. Besides I can practice a home alot more than I can at the range.
  4. My range doesn't allow drawing a loaded gun either, because the muzzle awlays has to be pointed downrange.
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    Congrats... Just do not try and be fast on that draw! Just work at being smooth and the same every time. 8)
  6. The range I shoot at is a free public range in the forest. Got out there the other night and shot about 150 rounds through my C-9 and 50 or so through my 4095. Ari you are absolutely right about a nice smooth draw that was one of the first things I noticed when practicing drawing. I have another couple hundred rounds to put through it this weekend and I may be picking up a .38 revolver from my dad. Will post pictures if I get it.